Reports (Mike H./Leo S.): Lakes around New Jersey

Hello, guys! It's been a while, huh? I've been a little bit busy with college now that classes started, not to mention that the FishAThon is coming up this FRIDAY (very busy!). But anyways...I'm bringing you a couple posts today!

Mike H.'s report on different Lakes around New Jersey - July 29th.

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Written by Mike H. - edited by Leo S.
Hey guys, went out with my friends Leo and Jay today for a solid 4 hour fishing session. Our trip began at Olympia and Crystal Lakes in NJ. The interesting thing about these lakes is that they're literally right next to each other, separated by a small divider of land - approximately 25 feet in length - between the lakes. Each lake was unique: Crystal lake, despite its name, had a good amount of weed growth - a perfect condition for frogging; Olympia lake was very clear, with no weeds or structure, ideal towards finesse presentations such as the drop shot and shakeyhead. Leo, Jay, and I bounced between both lakes for two hours straight without a single hit. The locals there complained that "today was a slow day," and that they usually averaged between "8-10 Bass on regular days." Due to the lack of fishing success, the three of us decided to change locations to a pond that connects to the Delaware River, close to the two lakes (Swedes Lake).

For the first hour and a half, I tried various plastics and hardbaits in the pond again with no luck. At the very end of the pond, I located a small creek that fed into the pond from the Delaware. The creek was separated by a grated pipe, and on the side of the pipe connecting to the Delaware was a small pool that was relatively deep (~3 ft). As soon as I looked into the pool, I spotted four Bass, ranging from 1-3 pounds. I spent the rest of my time in that pool, throwing various plastics. It took about 20 minutes to finally entice my first and only bite of the day. I pitched a twin tailed grub on a jighead right next to the pipe, and a feisty 2 lber inhaled it on the fall (Picture 2 and 3). The Bass appeared to me to be a Spotted Bass due to its jawline not extending past its eye, but strangely, it didn't have the trademark spot on its tongue that spotted bass are supposed to have.

Pictures are below:

Jay with his Largemouth Bass at Sweden Lake.

Mike and his Spotted (?) Bass.

That was, indeed, and awesome day! The first picture is of Jay holding his Bass at Sweden Lake.

After Mike left us (Jay and I), we decided to hit another Lake around the corner - Lonnie Lake. It's a very small man made pond that gave us the creeps because of its "Arizona style." I recorded it on video, so, feel free to browse through it here. Interestingly enough, the little Lake has some Sunnies and Spotted Bass in it! Jay caught 2 little spotted Bass, but we failed to take pictures on them.

Until them, I was totally skunked! That's when Jay had this AWESOME idea to go to Haddon Lake. Therefore, we left little Lonnie Lake and headed to Haddon Lake. I have to say that I HAD A BLAST there! I finished the day with a collection of different Species of fish: Largemouth Bass, American Eel, Black Crappie, Sunnies, Channel Catfish, and errr....Turtles. This is really my fishing style - fishing for anything that bites! Challenging all! Hah. Pictures are below:

A big Largemouth Bass caught at Haddon Lake. It was the last fish of the day, and it was worth it. Both Jay and I were pumped when we saw this fish coming up! Haha. This fish was released safely, as were all the other ones.

A fat 5lb Channel Catfish at Haddon Lake. It couldn't resist my cut bait.

Snapping turtles are DANGEROUS. Let me emphasize here that nobody should every "play" with them. This one, particularly, tried to bite my fingers off while I was washing my hands. Thanks to my fast reflexes, I realized it just before the attack, getting my hands outside of the water. If you have kids, remember: never let them play around the water! These turtles are a menace to little kids.

For those who don't believe it, here's the proof. It took only one claw to chop half of this Bluegill off! The Turtle attacked the fish totally by surprise, and I felt a heavy weight at the end of my line. Scary, isn't it? I also recorded a video of it.

The sky will always calm my soul... It doesn't matter where am I in this World, I just have to look up. Next time you go fishing, don't forget to give a shy look at the sky. Heh.

A Black Crappie caught on a Crappie rig! Beautiful, isn't it? Gulp! Minnows are definitely my favorite bait for Crappies. They just love it!

An American Eel - a pretty big one, considering the size. Most people hate them, but I think of them as another challenge.

And, finally...a little secret spot right next to Sweden Lake. It's full of Bass and big Catfish! If you don't believe me, go find the place through this picture. Heh. Exploring is part of fishing!

Sunday trips are always fun, especially because I'm mostly fishing with someone (In particular, Jay), and I have the whole day available. This is actually the topic for my next post! I'll keep you guys updated on a WHOLE DAY of fishing with Jay.

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.