Reports (Mike H. and Lawrence): Font Hill Pond, MD

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Mike H. and Lawrence's reports of Font Hill Pond in MD - April 29th and May 4th.

Written by Mike Hsiao. - edited by Leo S.
Hey guys! I'm fishing a local pond near my house (in MD) twice today. For reference, the pond is about 1/5 the size of Haddon Lake - its quite small. For the first session, I fished with my friend Lawrence for an hour this afternoon. We fished a weedy flat for 10 minutes, and right before we were about to move, Lawrence announced: "watch me nail a bass on this cast." He casted out his pearl white superfluke near a drop, and after 4 twitches, I watched as a healthy bass came up and nailed his bait, jumping out of the water. Then, he reeled in his catch, being rewarded with a feisty 1 lber (first picture).

After that catch, we decided to stick at that spot for a while. Not even five minutes later, I casted out my baby bass super fluke 20 yards ahead of me, near a bed, and I watched as the momma bass came up, inhaling the fluke (the water is gin clear). I reeled back, and performed a jaw breaking hookset. I muscled the fish to the platform I was standing on, and was rewarded with a healthy 3 lber (second picture). Then, I saw the male bass on the bed. After 10 minutes of using various baits, I was finally able to entice him to suck in a 5 inch worm on a shakeyhead rig. The male weighed 1.5 pounds, and immediately returned to guard his nest upon release (third picture).

Then, Lawrence and I spent my last 15 minutes at a different spot, and as soon as we arrived, I saw another bed - not 3 feet in front of me, with a healthy looking male in it. After about 4 casts, I got the bass to take the shakeyhead. As soon as he had the bait in his mouth, I did another jawbreaking hookset that resulted in the fish flying a couple feet out of the water.

Later that night, my family and I went back to font hill for some quality family fishing. The 3 lb momma and 1.5 male were still guarding the nest, and my girlfriend tried to entice them with some juicy nightcrawlers. She was able to get two bites, but could not get a solid hookset. My youngest sister managed to catch 2 dink bass on nightcrawlers. I was able to catch the exact same 3 lb bass and 1.5 lb bass on a KVD swimjig within 10 minutes after my girlfriend finally gave up on the fish. I also managed to catch a solid 2 lber on a fluke roaming the flats that I didn't take a picture of. Overall, it was a great day of fishing and it was nice to see some quality bass still swimming around in that small pond.
Pictures are below:

Lawrence with his 1 lber.

Mike with his 3 lber

Mike with his 1.5 lber

Written by Lawrence - edited by Leo S.
Hey guys! You'll never believe this - I landed a 2 lb+ Bass using a gummy worm. That's right, a gummy worm! (first picture). Texas rig (weightless).

The bass is in the second picture.

I also landed a 1.5 lb+ Bass using a Creek Chub that was caught at a creek in close proximity to Font Hill (third picture). Catch and release, no worries. Mike (referring to Mike H.), I didn't see the huge 3 lb female around the bed. The male was still there, though.

Overall, it was a great day. My friends Winston, William, and I landed at least 20 Bass total. About 16 of them were small (9-12 inches), but either way, it was still a great day of fishing.

Perhaps I'll start investing my money on gummy worms. At 7-11, it's 2$ for 36 worms, which is cheaper than a bag of zoom super flukes that have roughly 10-15 soft plastics.
It's worth the transition/switch..

Ah, who am I kidding! I'd still prefer my super flukes and yum dingers over gummy worms, but either way, it was still exciting catching a bass on a gummy worm.

I was initially inspired by this video:
Pictures are below:

The "Secret Bait"

The victim

Bait Vs Catch

I have to say that these are very productive results for the size of the Pond! I remember passing there with Mike last Winter, and the Pond was completely frozen!


Thanks for the reports, guys! And sorry for the delay!

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.