Reports (Mike H.): Haddon Lake

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My vote was certainly "more than 10 years." I started fishing when I was 8 years old, and have been restlessly fishing until now - 23 years old. I guess the results weren't that surprising. I expected some of the public here to be new fishermen looking for information about Philly, and the rest to be experienced fishermen who love to search and read about fishing. poll is available on the right!

Mike H.'s report on Haddon Lake, NJ - July 1st.

For previous reports from Mike H.'s:

Written by Mike H. - edited by Leo S.
Hey guys, had an interesting day at Haddon Lake today.

I got to the lake at about 6:15 a.m., and immediately went to fish in the small pool where the water flows in. There's usually a good sized bass hanging around the bluegill, and it's best to fish for it before all the kids come to that spot and spook the fish.

On my first cast with a Swim Jig, a solid 2.5 lb Bass followed the lure, but was unwilling to take it. I tried to entice the bass for about 15 minutes with no success. Around that time, I noticed two huge Trout swim by and I tied on a Green Pumpkin Twin Tailed Grub. After casting the Grub in front of the fish, and jigging it a few times, the Trout took the bait and the adrenaline filled in. The fish immediately made a two feet jump out of the water and landed right in the heart of a sunken laydown! The Trout tangled itself in several branches, at which point I thought the battle was lost. I kept pressure on the fish for several minutes while I carefully maneuvered myself around the small area to a spot where I could work the fish from the brush. Fortunately, I had just switched from 10 lb Yo Zuri Hybrid to 30 pound Suffix 832 Braid, so the line held tough, and I was eventually able to land the fish. At first, I tried to lip-land the fish as I would do with a Bass, but as soon as I reached my hand into the fish's mouth, it bit down on my finger with its teeth and made a one inch gash on my pointer finger. Lesson learned... don't ever lip-land a Brook Trout. I then pulled out my scale/fish gripper and landed the fish which turned out to be a healthy 2 lb 2 oz personal best Trout.

Right after I released my catch, I spotted the second Trout still swimming around, and again I casted my grub right in front of it. After a few seconds, I hooked into that Trout too. This time, however, I didn't mess around and I swung the fish up onto the ground (which is why there is mud covering the fish), and was rewarded with another Brookie, this one weighing 2 lbs 5 oz!

After those Trout, I met up with Leo and his friend Jay, and started Bass fishing. I managed to get a couple bites with a tube, which included a real solid bite that felt like a 3 lber, but I couldn't hook up with any of the fish. I think that I wasn't yet used to the braid, and I needed to wait a split second longer before setting the hook to make sure the fish completely engulfed the bait. I worked my way through the padfield with no luck, so Leo, Jay and I headed to Audubon. Jay was the first to catch a Bass - he managed to land a 7 incher on a 5 inch senko. My only Bass of the day came about 10 minutes later, when I pitched my heavy cover Swim Jig right into the heart of a laydown.

On the fall, I felt a thump and set the hook. I immediately felt the weight of a nice fish. However, being in the brush, the fish instantly got itself entangled in some branches. I tried to get the fish out for several minutes, but was unsuccessful. So, I thought... What would Mike Iaconelli do? I took off my shoes, socks, put my phone in my fishing bag, and waded out waist deep into the fetid water to untangle my fish and retrieve my lure. The mission was a success, and I was rewarded with a 1 lb 14 oz bass, my only Bass of the day. Leo has the picture of the bass, and Jay has the video of me landing it, which includes a huge "COME ON!!! LETS GO!!!" when I lipped the bass.

I spend the last hour of my time working my way back to the car. I had a few nice bites in the pads on the Swim Jig, but couldn't connect with any of the fish. Oh well, it was still a great day with 2 Brook Trout and a very feisty Bass!

Pictures are below:

(you need a Facebook account to watch it)

Jay with his 1st Bass at Audubon Lake. It was caught on a Senko.

Jay with his 2nd Bass of the day - also caught at Audubon on a Senko.

I caught 2 Bass on Senkos, all around this size....ugh!

An interesting Bluegill that I caught at Audubon.

Mike with his first Brook Trout. 2lb 2oz, still swimming at Haddon Lake.

Mike with his second Brook Trout - 2lb 5oz.

Jay with his Catfish caught on Corn.

Trying to lip a 2lb Trout...hehehe. It's interesting how Mike tried to lip everything! I guess it's something that Bass fishermen are used to. First, the 7lb Catfish, now the 2lb Brook Trout...This lipping thing is getting dangerous, isn't it, Mike? Hah.

It was a wonderful day at Haddon Lake. Mike left early that day to spend the rest of his day with his girlfriend. I stayed there with Jay for a good while! Jay got his first Bass after a long time! Also, he ended up missing 2 Carp at Audubon, and caught one Catfish at Haddon

I had a great time fishing for Sunfish that day, and struggled to catch some Bass at Haddon. Finished with 2 dinks, all on Senkos...

Anyways...fond memories of a good fishing trip with my friends.

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.