As for Lately -- Some Good News and Past Fishing Sessions

Hello, Readers! 

It's been quite a while, hasn't it? In a heartbeat, it's almost October of 2014!!! I was looking through the Blog today, reminiscing my fishing sessions for these past 3 years. Lots of adventures in the City of Brotherly Love. Heh.

Well...I have some good news. The good news is that the Blog will continue running and there will be minor updates here and there. In the end, it seriously depends on how much free time I'll have in the future. I'll try my best to further portray the sport of fishing in Philadelphia (and remember -- it all boils down to S.A.F.E. angling in the end). Thus, I'll always be updating the "photo of my last catch" on the right tab of the Blog; writing about fishing and local events when I can; creating introductory posts; etc. In other words, you should be expecting AT LEAST two monthly posts here (that's my goal for now, considering the limit amount of time that I have in my hands)

Now, let's talk Trout fishing...

As a reminder, Fall Trout Stocking is coming up! Unfortunately, there will be only 1 stocking for the Philadelphia county and 2 for Bucks County by the PA Fish and Boat Commission:

-- Pennypack Creek at 10/09
-- East Branch Perkiomen Creek at 10/07
-- Levittown Lake at 10/07. 

(However, there are good news: The Wissahickon Creek will be stocked next year during Spring AND Fall! Thus, expect a good Trout season for 2015)

Similarly, New Jersey Wildlife is also doing their Fall Stocking in October:

-- Crystal Lake at 10/14
-- Grenloch Lake at 10/14

For their full schedules, you may access the PA Fish and Boat Commission website here and the NJ Wildlife website here

Finally, below is a little summary of my latest fishing sessions in and around Philadelphia:

-- August 25th, 2014 -- 

Location: Manayunk Canal & Schuylkill River
Time: 12:00-3:30 p.m.

Fishes caught: 

-- 1 Green Sunfish
-- 8 Smallmouth Bass
-- 1 Eastern Silvery Minnow
-- 5 Bluegill

After getting a single Green Sunfish at the Manayunk Canal, I decided to wade the Schuylkill River around East Falls. Thankfully, I finished the day with a couple Sunnies and Smallmouth Bass, not to mention that I even micro-fished a small Eastern Silvery Minnow. 

I saw two nice Smallmouth Bass sunbathing around East Falls (~3lbs, estimate); however, unfortunately, I wasn't able to entice them. It was truly a shame; after all, I spent nearly 90 minutes at that spot trying to make them bite. Heh.

On a side note...

The talk about the "dredging of the Manayunk Canal" has been going on for a good while (perhaps a decade?), and now the government is finally taking action over it.

After a little bit of online research, I found out that they are dredging it in order to "remove build-up sediment that sometimes leaves the waterway looking like an algae-covered pond." I believe that the long term plan is to connect the main river to the canal in order to get rid of the stagnant water (and thus, all the algae, etc). If that is so, there would still be fish in it! 

For now, let's just hope that the government doesn't leave all the fishes there to die (it would be a SHAME to see all the Carp and LMB there dead). 

As for 08/25, I measured the water marks along the canal and found out that the level of the water had already decreased by 6-8 inches. 

Thus, fishing was extremely tough: many shallow and unfishable areas, not to mention that the fishes could be clearly seen with polarized glasses (i.e. Common Carp, Sunnies, Gizzard Shad, LMB). I think the canal is pretty much done for the Largemouth Bass; however, one can still do some decent Carp fishing down there.

Well...gotta enjoy it while we can.

Photos are below:

A Green Sunfish caught at the Manayunk Canal on a wacky rigged Senko.

Small Smallmouth Bass on a Thomas Nickel Gold In-line Spinner.

Probably my biggest Bluegill of the day. Gorgeous fish! 

An Eastern Silvery Minnow from the non-tidal Schuylkill River

My biggest Smallmouth Bass of the day. 

A huge Snapping Turtle chewing on my 5-inch Gary Yamamoto Senko! Thankfully the hook came out on its own...

The dredging site at the Manayunk Canal.

--- August 27th, 2014 ---

Location: Schuylkill River
Time: 1:00-6:30 p.m.

Fishes caught:

-- 3 Striped Bass
-- 3 Channel Catfish
-- 1 Bluegill

As always, I went to the Schuylkill Banks for some Channel Catfish! Biggest fish of the day -- a 5lb Channel Catfish on the dot. On a side note, I apologize for the quality of the photo below! There were some kids around when I caught it, and they wanted to see that beast swimming in the water; thus, I took a photo in a hurry. 

As a matter of fact, I love to fish in that spot between Locust and Walnut during high tide because I don't really need a net to land my fish, since there's an "inlet" right next to it during high tide. So, I can release the fish in that little inlet and watch it swim away! Believe me -- watching a fish swim away is one of the most rewarding experiences an angler can have in his/her life. And if kids are around, it's a BIG bonus! The little inlet there is pretty clear and shallow during high tide. Since it takes a couple seconds for the fish to snap out of its confusion, you can watch it slowly swim away. It's marvelous!

Photos of the day are below:

Smallest Striped Bass of the day on the Schuylkill River; however, it's to show that the natural reproduction of the Species is going well! Year after year I've landed small Striped Bass at this time of the year, all the way from Locust to the Fairmount Dam. Good stuff!

The Marine Unit down at Locust Street. This was the day after the story at Kelly Drive...

Nice Channel Catfish caught on a nightcrawler.

Biggest and only Bluegill for the day! Bait attained! 

Biggest Catfish of the day -- 5.00lbs! It was caught on the Bluegill above.

Same fish, another angle. =)

--- August 29th, 2014 ---

Location: Schuylkill River
Time: 1:00-5:30 p.m.

Fishes caught:

-- 4 Redbreast Sunfish
-- 5 Bluegill
-- 8 Smallmouth Bass
-- 1 Rock Bass

Here's a little preview of one of my FAVORITE Smallmouth spots on the non-tidal Schuylkill River! The biggest I ever caught there was 2.8lbs, and I have never gotten out of there skunked. In other words, I've always caught at least 1 small Smallmouth Bass in this location:

I finished the day with many different types of fish, all in that single spot! On a side note...I even caught a little Rock Bass and some Redbreast Sunfish there. 

Sometimes it's hard to imagine that they would be there, since these Species of fish are usually found in Creeks with crystalline water (there are exceptions, though -- i.e. Neshaminy Creek, which has muddy portions filled with them). One hypothesis is that they got washed out of the Wissahickon Creek into the Upper Schuylkill, which is now their home. On the other hand, perhaps they have always been in the Schuylkill River, but just in areas where people don't usually fish at.
Whatever hypothesis is right, isn't it interesting for us to think "where did they come from?" I did they migrate to that area? And if they did get washed down from the Wissahickon Creek, how did they get in the Creek in the first place? Heh...mind boggling, eh?

Photos of the session are below:

First Smallmouth Bass of the day on a Thomas In-line Nickel Gold Spinner.

Good old Bluegill on the Spinner. =)

Rock Bass from the Schuylkill River.

Redbreast Sunfish.

Found this little Raccoon by the River. Cutest thing ever! 

Another angle.

My last and biggest Smallmouth of the day. As I have mentioned previously, my biggest there was at 2.8lbs. Thus, this wasn't my best day there. However, that spot never lets me get skunked. =)

--- August 31st, 2014 ---

Location: Newton Lake & Newton Creek
Time: 2:00-6:00 p.m.

Fishes caught:

-- 4 Largemouth Bass
-- 3 Redbreast Sunfish
-- 18 Bluegill
-- 1 Green Sunfish


Philly Fun Fishing Fest 2014 Coming Up on the Schuylkill Banks!

Hello, Readers! 

September is almost here and so is the Philly Fun Fishing Fest 2014

For those who are not yet familiar with this event, I highly recommend it! Click here for more details. 

The Philly Fun Fishing Fest happens only ONCE A YEAR on the Schuylkill Banks. It's a family oriented FREE EVENT (aka friendly fishing competition) and a fishing license is NOT required during the length of the competition, not to mention that there are multiple prizes for kids and adults alike (as a matter of fact, I won last year's prize for "most number of fish caught during the event" -- a Daiwa rod/reel combo and a Dicks gift card!).

In order to participate, all you need to do is register on the link in this post. Make sure to bring as many people as you can -- your family, kids, friends, etc. Also, do not forget to print the release form, sign it, and bring it with you on the day of the competition. 

I will certainly be there during the competition; however, this year I'll not fish. I will be walking around, taking photos, and talking to people! I really really hope to see you folks down there! Think of this event as a nice gathering opportunity, not to mention that you can win some prizes as well (if you think you can win! heh). 

Long Days and Pleasant Nights, Folks! 


Leo S.

Bass Master Elite Series in the Big D. (August 7th-10th)

Hello, Folks! 

As you all know already, this Blog is officially inactive. However, I'll make an exception for the Bassmaster Elite Series in Philadelphia, PA. =)

1st Day (August 7th)

You may click on this link for the current results on the 1st day of the BASSMASTER ELITE SERIES, which is being held from August 7th-10th ON THE DELAWARE RIVER! (That's right -- our Big D.!)

As an angler from the City of Brotherly Love, I had to share this with you folks. 16-14 is the highest weight at the moment, and many anglers are showing that the Delaware River ain't that bad for Bass fishing (biggest fish right now at 4-2)! As a bonus, Pro angler Brett Hite caught a 3.5lber Northern Snakehead in the Delaware River! 

For more photos and details on this event, here's the link for the live Blog.

2nd Day (August 8th)

The second day of the Bass Master Elite Series on the Delaware River is almost over, and the results for today are quite astonishing!

Before saying anything else, it's a pleasure to see so many Bass being pulled out of the Delaware River! Boyd Duckett certainly did GREAT on the first day with a lead of 4lbs+ (according to the pros, one of the best leads in the history of the Bassmaster Series). Also, there have been catch reports of Smallmouth Bass and Northern Snakeheads from our Big D. and its tributaries...

As for the competition, the local favorite Mike Iaconelli has done great on the second day (he will be hopping from the 20s down to top 10, perhaps?). If you guys click on this Basstrakk link, you will see that he caught a total of 10 fish, finishing with 15-4 for the best 5 on the second day (however, Boyd is still leading, overall). Boyd and Shimizu have also done great!

Very surprisingly, the VanDams are still with zeroes at the end of the second day. That's quite a bummer, and I hope they do better on the remaining 2 days. After all, I have a lot of respect for them.

Live weight-in starts at 3:15, and if you folks are not able to attend it (like me), you can watch it through the following link.

Enjoy, folks! I'm pretty psyched about tomorrow already. heh.

3rd Day (August 9th)

I was finally able to get to the weight in on the third day, and it was an AWESOME event. Certainly one of the best days of my life! 

As usual, Ike did REALLY well today and secured his 1st position for the day. Not much to say today -- there are two videos on my FB profile, so you guys can watch it (I made it public).

Also, hands up for Kevin Short (a.k.a. K-Pink)! I am a big fan of Mike "Ike" Iaconelli, but K-pink made my day today. Why? Just watch this video and you will know. You gotta be pretty hardcore to take 30 minutes to cut a log just to get to a fishing spot! 

I'm already looking forward to tomorrow, and personally, I'm cheering for Iaconelli to win! Below are a couple photos from the Expo and event:

And here are a couple photos of some Pros on stage. See how many you can recognize! For some reason, I wasn't able to rotate some of the photos. Heh. Time for some neck twisting:

4th Day (August 10th)

The 4th and last day of the Bassmaster Elite Series on the Delaware River is going very well. Today, BASSTrakk is showing not only the up-to-date scores, but also each competitor's location and catches!

Here's a little summary of the competition so far (as for 12 p.m.):

Chris Lane is doing great around the Trenton area. He already got his limit for the day with a 4-0 and 3-12 in his bag! This gives him plenty of time to do some culling. Unfortunately, he needs a lot more to win the competition (if even possible at this point!).

Skeet Reese is with a bag of 4-0, with 3 fish so far. He decided to adventure DEEP into the Rancocas Creek (all the way to Lumberton, NJ), joining Bill Lowen (3-2 with 2 fish) and Shaw Grigsby Jr. (6-0 with 3 fish), who are also in the area. 

John Crews Jr. is currently around Bristol, on the main River. However, he caught his fish mainly in Northeast Philly (around Delaware Expressway and Academy Road). He's holding a bag of 4-12 with 3 fish. 

Chad Pipkens has been all around the River! Lol! He started his day on the other side of Chester, PA. Caught a 1-0 there. Then, moved up across the Philadelphia International Airport, where he landed a 1-4. Went way up North, pass the Tacony-Palmyra bridge, where he landed a 1-8 right next to Velvick... and now he's fishing a marina between Cottman and Rhawn Streets, holding 3 fish at 3-12. Talk about moving around! 

For some reason, Byron Velvick is nowhere to be found on the map! So far, he's with zero in his livewell (although, he did catch 2 fish at 0-8 total).

Jason Christie decided to go down Big Timber Creek in NJ! Perhaps it was a good choice, since he's currently holding 5 fish at 8-10, all from the South Branch Big Timber Creek! He's ready for some culling. 

Our local favorite, Mike "Ike" Iaconelli, is still holding his first place with 4 fish at 8-6 (on the overall weight). He's been switching between the main River behind the FDR Park and the Woodbury Creek in NJ. For now, he's going down the main River again. So far, he's been doing a good job with a 3-6 kicker from Woodbury Creek! 

Boyd Duckett is currently holding 2 fish at 4-8, both caught in the main River, around the Red Bank Battlefield Park in NJ. He's currently trying his chances at Darby Creek, near John Heinz Wildlife Refugee.

Scott Rook is doing poorly today. He's holding 1 fish at 2-8. He's been fishing a stretch of the Raccoon Creek, on the other side of the PPL Park (a local well-known hole, actually). 

Finally, we got Kevin Short (a.k.a. K-Pink), who's fishing the most southern portion of the River. He's in the same spot he was for the previous 2 days -- all the way back of Oldman's Creek. A very isolated area, indeed! He's holding 4 fish at 7-3. 

Now...there is still a couple hours for them to fish! Hopefully Ike will prevail in the end! NEVER GIVE UP!

Enjoy! Hopefully we will see a 5lber getting pulled from the Big D.!


Leo S.