Reports (Mike H.): The Lakes at FDR and Fairmount Dam

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Mike H.'s report on the lakes at FDR Park and the Schuylkill River (Fairmount Dam) - May 20th-24th.

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Written by Mike H. - edited by Leo S.
Hey guys, I fished like crazy these past 5 days and have a few good pics/stories to share.

First off, on May 20th, I hit up FDR park for a couple hours and had a few good catches. I started the day nailing a nice 1 lb 10 oz bass on a crankbait (first picture). I then caught another 1 lb bass (second picture) and a .5 lb bass off the docks using the same bait. My biggest catch of the day was on a fluke at the docks, I hooked into a 3-4 lb bass that somehow managed to snap my line after 10 seconds or so... I suspect that I had my drag set too tight/my line was frayed.

May 22nd - I hit up FDR park again. It was really tough fishing as I only caught two fish the whole day. I managed to catch a 1 lb bass off the dock with a crankbait. I spend a large portion of my time fishing the "Snakehead pond," which was completely choked with grass. I saw a lot of activity back there, fish jumping and frogs swimming around. Despite working a frog over the grass for an hour, I only managed 1 strike, landing 0 fish. My best catch of the day was also a personal best, I managed to catch a 2 lb Snakehead off the docks on a crankbait (third picture).

May 23rd - Hit up FDR park yet again! Right off the bat, I nailed two bass on a popper fished along a weedline. One was only about 10 ounces, and the other was 1 lb 5 oz (fourth picture). I didn't really have anymore action for the limited period of time that I fished there.

May 24th - I finally changed it up and fished the Skuke about an hour after high tide. There were 6 people crowding the ledge, which made fishing very difficult... Despite the inconvenience, I manage to entice a 1 lb 14 oz bass to take a grub on a jighead. Using the same lure, I also caught a 8.5 inch crappie (last picture) jigging the lure under the falls. Right as I was about to leave the Dam and go home for some dinner, Vince invited me to join him at FDR park. We fished there for an hour before nightfall with no luck. However, once it was completely dark, I noticed a lot of bass activity in the back creeks. I'll have to sneak into FDR one day at night and slay those bass with topwaters!

I've heard many people say that there are no fishes at the lakes at FDR Park. Well, Mike...thanks for always sharing your photos with me! They are certainly living proof that there is still a healthy population of fish there, although that place is overfished.

Mike has been doing good recently too! I'll keep you all updated!

Mike, I hope you do good on your second Bass tourney tomorrow! As you said, and I agree: go for a 20lb sack, man! I know you can do it!

Best of luck for all of us, Mike included!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.