6th Catfish Tourney on the Banks (Cancelled)

Important note:
All events are cancelled until further notice. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Hello, Blog Readers!

First, a little remainder on the 1st Carp Tourney on Kelly Drive: Because of the weird weather this year, everything seems to be delayed: the Shad migration, the Striped Bass migration, LMB pre-spawn, as well as Carp pre-spawn! Thus, the 1st Carp Tourney on Kelly Drive is being RESCHEDULED for May 18th, 2014! For a complete set of rules on it and registration information, please access its post here

Now, I'm bringing you guys the official post for the "6th Catfish Tourney on the Banks." All rules and regulations are below!

The 6th Catfish Tourney on the Banks will be held on the Schuylkill Banks on May 25th, 2014 (between Locust and the Market street bridge). The rain date for it is June 1st, 2014.

For information regarding previous competitions, you may click on the links below:

Regarding parking: since the 1st Catfish Tourney on the Banks, a lot of people have been asking me about "parking" around the Philadelphia Center City area. Therefore, here's a link for parking spots that are close to the Schuylkill Banks. As you can see, there are plenty of parking spots close to the competition site, not to mention that it's free parking on Sundays! Myself, I would recommend parking on top of the Walnut or Chestnut street bridges.

Now, let's go for the complete set of rules and additional information regarding the 6th Catfish Tourney on the Banks. Interested readers and future participants: please read it carefully -- there have been some changes since the previous competition!

1. The Event and the Rules.

A. The Event:

I. The sixth official Catfish Tourney on the Banks will happen between the Locust and Market Bridges on the Schuylkill Banks. This will be the second Catfish tourney series for the year of 2014 (out of 6: March-September). The official date for the event is May 25th, 2014 (a Sunday). In case of rain or extreme weather issues, the "rain date" is set to be a week after -- June 1st, 2014. Registered participants will be contacted through e-mail and/or phone call one day prior to the event, in case of bad weather and/or cancellation. Regardless, an e-mail will be sent out to all registered participants one day prior to the competition as a reminder of the same. Thus, make sure to check your e-mail on the day of the competition, before leaving your house.

II. Contestants may enter the competition "solo" or as a "team" of 2 individuals. In the second case, the team will be treated as a single unit; therefore, each team will be subjected to all the other rules below as one unit (i.e. 2 rods per team; same weight bag per team; etc). The entry fee for the competition is $20 for "solo" (one person), and $30 dollars for a team (2 individuals) -- cash only. Note that teams pay extra $10 because 4 arms are better than 2, and that makes a big difference when it comes to playing 2 fish simultaneously or landing a fish. The fee will be collected right before the beginning of the competition, during the check-in. The check-in usually happens around the Walnut street bridge; although, I'll be walking around for it as well. Please note that this friendly tourney is profit-free! For more details, see the prize section (section #3). 

III. Public transportation around the area is available (i.e. Amtrak, Regional Rails, and Septa), and it's highly recommended. The distance between the site of the competition and the station is a brief 10 minutes walk. As mentioned previously, there's parking along the Walnut and Chestnut bridges for vehicles, as well as parking around 26th and Locust streets. Here's a link for parking spots that are close to the Schuylkill Banks. Emphasizing: parking is free on Sundays! 

IV. The minimum number of participants for this competition will be 15 individuals and teams all combined. If there are not enough participants a day prior to the competition, all registered competitors will be contacted about its cancellation either via e-mail or phone (if provided). Regardless, participants should check the Facebook Page on the morning of the competition to see the latest updates about the event. Note that a higher number of participants results in a higher amount for the cash prizes (see prize section; section #3)! Thus, you are free to invite your fishing buddies and/or family members to come. =) 

V. Instead of the traditional tourney format of 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. (9 hours total), the 6th Catfish Tourney on the Banks will start at 9 a.m. sharp and end at 3 p.m. sharp (a total of 6 hours). It's highly recommended for participants to show up 1 hour or half an hour prior to the beginning of the event, in order to set up equipment or pick a good spot on the banks! Note: no lines should be in the water before 9 a.m. sharp! Late registered participants will not be disqualified; however, they will clearly have a disadvantage in terms of time and fishing location. Thus, plan your schedule carefully.

VI. Prizes will be awarded up to half an hour after the end of the competition, in situ. Therefore, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and "Big Fish" winners will immediately walk out of the event with their prizes: cash and fishing trophies. The distribution of the cash prizes are defined in section #3. 

VII. Since this is a friendly competition, participants are free to leave the site at any given moment. Also, there's a restroom and drinking fountain between the Locust and Walnut streets, on the Schuylkill Banks trail. There is also a Rite Aid on the intersection of 23rd and Walnut streets, just in case anyone needs additional water or food. There's also a breakfast place on the intersection of 24th and Locust streets that opens until 4 p.m. (they also do take out). In other words, if there are small emergencies, participants may leave and come back during the range of the competition (9-3 p.m.).

VIII. Children that are 15 years old or below are highly encouraged to participate in a team. According to the PA Fish and Boat Commission's laws, they are not required to have a fishing license in order to fish. Note that the parent/adult is responsible for his/her child's safety in situ! See the liability waiver in the registration form for more details! Note that the registration form and liability waiter will be sent via e-mail once you contact me about the competition. For more information on it, please see section 2.

B. The General Fishing Rules:

Important note: All fishing participants will abide by all PA Boat and Commission regulations and safety guidelines (click here for more details). Thus, that includes having a valid PA fishing license for anyone who is 16 years old or above (as emphasized below)!

I. Emphasizing: a PA fishing license is required for anyone who is older than the age of 15. The license must be shown at the check-in -- before the competition, and placed on an outer garment during the entire period of the tourney (9:00-3:00 p.m.). Also, please note that your CID# will be collected; thus, please have it ready before the beginning of the competition! The CID# is displayed at the back of the fishing license. Participation without a license will not be permitted. The license can be purchased online or in certain local stores (i.e. Dicks Sporting goods, Walmart, or local Bait Shops -- Brinkmans bait and Tackle, Bob's bait and Tackle; Sportsmaster; etc). Don't forget to support your local tackle shops! Small businesses need your help. =)

II. Fishing spots will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, no one has rights to complain if the same comes late! You are being advised now -- way in advance -- and you should time yourself for the event. Also, for more comfort and better fishing, the spots will be divided in sections if necessary, so all anglers can stay at least 10 feet apart from each other.

III. Although the PA law states that it's legal to fish in Philadelphia using 3 rods per person and 3 hooks per rod, the competition will work on the "2 rods per unit" and "2 hooks per rod" rule, with the purpose of preserving space for all competitors! Anyone who disrespects this rule will be given an initial warning and a penalty of 2lbs on the total weight of the bag (see section 1.B.IV below). A second time will result in disqualification and no refund.

IV. Weight-in: there will be a fixed weight in station under the Walnut street bridge! Instead of the traditional weight-in system in competitions, which happens at the end of it, the weight-in for this specific competition will happen just after each fish is successfully landed. In other words, after properly unhooking a fish, the participant should walk towards the weight-in station. I'll eventually be on "lookout mode" as well: walking around to see if anyone is catching fish. Thus, choose your fishing spot carefully and note that you will have to walk longer distances if you are further away from the Walnut street bridge (which is to your disadvantage if you are playing solo). Also, every Catfish will be measured and recorded in paper (this is a must!). Take in consideration that even the smallest Catfish may contribute greatly for your weight bag! Therefore, make sure that you bring all of your Catfish catches. 

V. There will be a penalty for mishandling fish! Every fish should be perfectly CPRed ("caught, photoed, and released"). In case the fish swallows the hook badly, for example, the line should be cut. In case a fish is heavily injured and dies, there will be a severe penalty of 5lbs per incident. As a matter of fact, the Catfish Species are tough fish; therefore, there shouldn't be any major incidents! Please follow the appropriate guidelines for safely practicing CPR - "Catch, Photo Release."

VI. A net is highly recommended for landing big fish (drop net or 8-feet long net for the Schuylkill Banks). A Balzer fishing net is highly recommended, and if you decide to purchase it, the hyperlink will take you to a trusted store (I bought mine from them). Believe me -- you do not want to take your chances by pulling a big fish by the line. Think it this way: that could take your winning chance away! Finally, note that high tide on April 27th will be at 12:38 p.m., and low tide at 7:40 a.m.. Again, a drop net or a 8-feet long net is highly recommended.

VII. Only Catfish will be counted as part of this tourney's weight bag. Thus, that includes the following Species of fish from the tidal Schuylkill River: Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus), White Catfish (Ameiurus catus), Flathead Catfish (Pylodictis olivaris), Brown Bullhead (Ameiurus nebulosus), and Yellow Bullhead (Ameiurus natalis). Note that there are no Blue Catfish in the Schuylkill River. Each participant must weight-in all of his/her Catfish catches from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.! The five biggest ones in terms of weight will determine the final bag/result for given participant. 

2. Registration

In order to register for this event, please send an e-mail to "sheng12182527@gmail.com" with "6th Catfish Tourney on the Banks" written on the subject line. Also, please write on the e-mail if you are registering yourself as "solo" ($20) or "team" ($30). Additional note: you will be asked to register ON SITE if you have registered for a previous competition and were absent in it. Just like everything else in this world, trust is earned. As a reminder, the Catfish Tourney series only happens if there are 15 participants/teams registered PRIOR to the beginning of the event, and you will not be counted among those 15 if you were registered and absent in a previous competition without a reasonable argument!  

Once I receive your e-mail, a proper response will be sent back in a range of 1-5 days. It will contain two formal Microsoft Word registration files (.docx): one with the registration form and liability waiver, and the other one with the set of rules on this post. Once the competitor fills up the registration file and e-mails it back to me, the same will then be officially registered in the tourney! In case of a team registration, please make sure to include the names of both participants in a single file.

On site registration will be available on Sunday, May 25th, from 8:00-9:00 a.m.. I'll be under the Walnut Street Bridge with printed registration forms. 

3. Results and Prizes

I. The prizes will be distributed for the following positions: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, as well as the "Big Fish" prize (biggest Catfish of the day, in terms of weight and not length).

II. Note that the 6th Catfish Tourney on the Banks is a non-profit competition, meaning that Extreme Philly Fishing makes no money out of such an event! 20% of the total cash amount will be donated to the SRDC non-profit organization, which focuses on maintaining a clean environment and trail on the Schuylkill Banks for everyone. You can read more about it here. In other words, $4-$6 dollars of your registration fee will go directly to a local non-profit organization! That part of your money will be focused on the well-being of the local community!  

III. The remaining amount will be put together for the remaining cash prizes. Summarizing, the prizes will be distributed as it follows (in cash, at the end of the event): 

-- 20% of all proceeds gathered in the tourney will go to the Schuylkill River Development Corporation non-profit organization. Therefore, as mentioned above, the "Catfish Tourney on the Banks" series is a profit-free event.

After subtracting 20% from the final amount of cash gathered, the remaining will be distributed as it follows:

1st place: 40% of remaining cash + 1st place Trophy
2nd place: 30% of remaining cash + 2nd place Trophy
3rd place: 20% of remaining cash + 3rd place Trophy
Big Catfish: 10% of remaining cash + Big Fish Trophy

Therefore, the minimum prize amount for the 6th Catfish Tourney on the Banks will be*:
*based on 15 participants and no teams

15 participants = $300
20% of 300 will go to a non-profit organization: $60

The remaining $240 will be distributed as it follows:
1st place: 40% --> $96
2nd place: 30% --> $72
3rd place: 20% --> $48
Big Catfish: 10% --> $24

Note: if, for example, the first place is also accounted for the biggest Catfish of the day, that person will be taking $96+24, and he/she will be receiving both trophies.

Another example: if the number of participants are actually 20 instead of 15, with 8 teams: 8*30 + 12*20= $480. The same calculation is performed. Therefore, the higher the number of participants/teams, the higher the amount of money distributed! 

4. Additional Information

Here's a list of "advices" for every participant in the competition. If this is the first fishing competition of your life, you should take the information below in consideration.

-- Bring different types of bait: I would suggest 2-3 different types of bait for the competition. If they are not biting on one of them, switch! Trying different approaches is always a good idea. For bait choices, I would recommend: chicken liver, soap, nightcrawlers, bagels, bread dough, hot dogs, etc. Do not forget that Catfish are bottom feeders and they find food mainly through their sense of smell (note: this concept doesn't entirely apply for Flathead Catfish). For more information on how to fish for Catfish, you may read my didactic Catfish post here.

-- Try different types of rigs: the idea that Catfish "always bite on the bottom" is a myth! Catfish will eat suspended baits that are close to the bottom! Therefore, if your rig on the bottom is not working properly, why not try to leave your bait a couple inches suspended from the bottom? Skuke Catfish can also be caught on a float, depending on the time and season of the year! 

-- Never keep slack line. Unless you are fishing for the giants, slack line is never a good idea. By having slack line, you are basically giving the smaller fish enough time to chew on your bait and leave. The big ones can even swallow the hook, leading them to death! And the worst thing? You don't usually notice the bite if your line is slack! Therefore, I recommend the use of 1-2oz weights on the Schuylkill Banks and keeping a straight and tight line. 

-- Try different casting distances: somehow, most anglers believe that casting out there brings in bigger fish! Well...casting farther doesn't necessarily mean that. On the Banks, I've caught many 5-7lbers along the walls by simply dropping my line straight down! Soap is a killer bait for this technique, since American Eels ignore it. If you use chicken liver or cutbait around the walls, soon you will get a snag. Why? Because the American Eels dragged your hook into their holes!

-- Avoid snags: there are very few snags from Locust to Market. The snag area is really around the bridges, since a lot of debris tend to concentrate in those areas. As mentioned above, the Schuylkill River does have a nice population of American Eels, and those little fellas can easily drag your hooks into their holes, resulting in a nasty snag! Therefore, be attentive to fish bites and use bigger hooks for the Catfish (Size #4 to 5/0). Leaving your rod unattended can certainly result in a bad snag.

Below are a couple photos of Catfish that were caught between Locust and Market streets -- the site of the competition:

Channel Catfish:













Flathead Catfish:




White Catfish:

Note: this White Catfish measured 4.58lbs on the scale, only 0.04lbs smaller than the state record for the Bullhead Catfish Species (Ameiurus spp).

I'll see all participants in two weeks or so! For those who are planning to participate -- best of luck for you guys!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.

New Date for the 6th Catfish Tourney on the Banks

Hello, Blog Readers!

Short notice today: 

The original date for the 6th Catfish Tourney on the Banks was April 27th; however, due to the low number of participants 1 day prior to the event (11 individuals/teams by 10 p.m.), the new date for it is May 25th (Sunday).

As the rule 1.A.IV of the competition states:

"IV. The minimum number of participants for this competition will be 15 individuals and teams all combined. If there are not enough participants a day prior to the competition, all registered competitors will be contacted about its cancellation either via e-mail or phone (if provided)."

Emphasizing: unfortunately, as for 10 p.m. tonight, the count was only 11 registered teams/individuals, including a couple people who did not send me the registration forms but told me that they would be there. It's a very unfortunate situation; however, it is what it is! For those who are willing to register for the rescheduled competition, please send an e-mail to "sheng12182527@gmail.com" for the new form. 

The post on the 6th Catfish Tourney will be updated tomorrow, since I want this post to stay on top of the page until so.  

I apologize for any inconveniences, and thank you for your understanding.


Leo S.

April Fishing Sessions (Last Update: COMPLETE)

Hello, Blog Readers!

It's quite late, but Spring is finally coming! The green scenery is upon us, and so is the Striped Bass and American/Hickory Shad migration! Largemouth Bass are finally getting ready for spawning, along different Species of fish as well.

Here are a couple notes for this month's events:

-- The 1st Carp Tourney on Kelly Drive will be rescheduled due to our delayed Spring! The new date for it will be announced as the water temperature rises. Thus, it will not be held on April 16th.

-- The 6th Catfish Tourney on the Banks is scheduled for April 27th, 2014 -- a Sunday! A full post on it will be coming shortly; however, the rules for this upcoming competition will still be the same as the previous one.

-- There will be another Angler's Get Together event on May 17th, a Saturday! A full post on it will come by the middle of April! 

Now, here are your photos of the month:

You don't see them very often, but they DO exist! Due to the PA Fish and Boat Commission's low budget, the number of "Game Warden Officers" is very low in Philadelphia. Regardless, they are out there trying to do their best for the environment and our fishes during their working hours! Let's not forget that we are talking about less than 5 people scouting MOST of our waters in Philadelphia! So, give them a break if you don't happen to see them. =) If you EVER SEE something illegal going on, though, it's highly advised for you to call the PA Fish and Boat Commission at their Harrisburg office number: 800-541-2050.  

And now, for the fishing sessions:

Note: All fishing sessions are updated first on the Facebook Page.

--- April 2nd, 2014 -- 

Location: Pennypack Creek
Time: 11:30 a.m. -6:35 p.m.

Fishes caught: 

-- 6 Rainbow Trout

-- 2 Brown Trout

Today I got my limit at the Pennypack Creek again! 

The Trout season is going very well so far. I've caught a total of 20 Trout -- 18 Rainbows and 2 Browns (about 9.62lbs).

The total weight for today was 3.26lbs! I also landed my biggest Rainbow Trout of the season -- 13 inches, 0.9lbs -- and my first Brown of the year!

Soon I'll be visiting the Wissahickon to see how things are going over there. 

Happy Trouting!

A deadly Blue Heron hunting for stocked Trout

April is here...and so are the bugs! 

Gorgeous Rainbow Trout on a Thomas In-line spinner

Another beautiful Rainbow Trout on an in-line spinner

Even New Jersey anglers go to the Pennypack for some stocked Trout. ;)

Beautiful Brown Trout, also caught on an in-line Spinner. Personally, I always prefer Browns over Rainbows in terms of fighting strength and flavor! 

A little Red-Ear Slider showed up on the other side of my hook.

My friend Karl with his first Brown Trout of the year! 

--- April 4th, 2014 --

Location: Pennypack Creek
Time: 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Fishes caught:

-- 6 Rainbow Trout

-- 1 Brown Trout
-- 1 White Sucker

Got my first White Sucker of the year at Pennypack Creek today: 2.02lbs, 17 inches. The Sucker took a whole nightcrawler on a size 6 hook!

It's always good to know that the Pennypack Creek doesn't have only Trout! 

Also, once again I hit my limit today at Pennypack Creek! The Trout season there has been awesome so far! 

Highlight goes to this 2.11lbs, 16.5 inches Brown Trout that I caught on an in-line spinner -- my new Personal Best for Brown Trout, and so far my biggest Trout of the year! 

Happy Trouting, fellas!

Little Rainbow Trout, caught on Power Bait.

2nd one of the day -- in-line spinner.

Beautiful 2.02lbs, 17 inches White Sucker in spawning colors! 

Probably the smallest Rainbow of the day.

My biggest Brown Trout ever: 2.11lbs, 16 inches.

Same fish, another angle.

My friend Andrew N. with a Rainbow.

--- April 6th, 2014 --

Location: Haddon Lake
Time: 3:00-7:00 p.m.

Fishes caught:

-- 3 Brown Trout

-- 20 Bluegills
-- 1 Warmouth

Went fishing with my friend Andrew at Haddon Lake. We were pretty psyched about the Trout opening there; however, it didn't quite turn out the way we thought it would! 

I finished the day with 3 Browns on spinners. Andrew finished with 2 Browns, also on spinners. 

We also did a little bit of Multi-Species fishing! Andrew caught some Black Crappie, Sunnies, and a beautiful (and big) Golden Shiner (on the photo)! 

It was a bummer that the NJ Wildlife didn't stock Brookies for Spring, but it was still fun.

Small Brown Trout from Haddon Lake. Note the different coloration on it: different hatcheries raise different Brown Trout.

Andrew with his first Brown Trout of the day.

"Things that you don't see when you stay at home:" A very interesting Mallard...Perhaps a hybrid?

Sadly enough, my first Bluegill of the year! 

"Things that you don't see when you stay at home:" A giant Sunfish (a.k.a. Largemouth Bass) dead at Haddon Lake. What a shame...

Andrew N. with a Golden Shiner from Haddon Lake. A very nice size too! 

Andrew N. with a Black Crappie from Haddon Lake.

A nice little Warmouth.

"Things that you don't see when you stay at home:" A muskrat swimming in the darkness of the night! Sooo neat.

"Things that you don't see when you stay at home:" A bunny with laser eyes?! Heh.

--- April 11th, 2014 --

Location: Schuylkill River
Time: 12:30-2:00 p.m.

Fishes caught:

-- None

Went fishing today with my friends Andrew and Matt at the Fairmount Dam.

As expected, the Shad are finally here! My friend Matt Alkire got the first Hickory Shad of his life, which was also his first fish from the Schuylkill River and also his first fish on a rattletrap! Congratulations, Matt! 

The gentleman on the left got a Hickory Shad on a traditional Shad dart! What else can I say? They are in there!!! 

Andrew missed a ~2.5lbs Largemouth Bass on a Walleye lure. Unfortunately, the fish got loose when we were trying to land it! So, no photos of it! 

And, finally, a general reminder for the angling community: BOTH FISH were caught and RELEASED a few moments after being caught. Let's not forget that HICKORY SHAD is an ENDANGERED Species of fish; thus, possession of it is extremely illegal in Philadelphia!! Also, AMERICAN SHAD and HICKORY SHAD are not to be taken from the Schuylkill River, according to law! American Shad may be taken from the Delaware River. 

For more information on creel and size limits, access the PA Fish and Boat Commission's website! 

Fish on, brothers and sisters!

My friend Matt A. with the first Hickory Shad of his life.

"Things that you don't see when you stay at home:" a little bat taking a nap at the Fairmount Dam. It flew away a little tad afterwards.

Local angler with a nice Hickory Shad on a Shad dart! 

Once in a while, the PA Fish and Boat Commission Game Warden comes down to check licenses, etc. Thus, always make sure to carry yours!

--- April 12th, 2014 --

Location: Schuylkill River
Time: 12:30-5:00 p.m.

Fishes caught:

-- 1 Common Carp (8.13lbs)

I went to my favorite Carp spot with my friend Matt Alkire for some action!

It was a GREAT DAY! We finished the day with 4 Common Carp (3 for Matt and 1 for me). We started at 12:30 p.m. and finished at 5 p.m.

Matt -- Congratulations on your new Common Carp P.B.: 14.64lbs. Also, cheers for me for catching my first Common Carp of the year! Small, but still fun to catch!

A nice view from Kelly Drive

12.5lbs Common Carp

11.3lbs Common Carp

14.64lbs Common Carp

8.13lbs Common Carp

--- April 13th, 2014 --

Location: Schuylkill River
Time: 4:30-11:00 p.m.

Fishes caught:

-- Skunked

Last night, I went Flathead fishing with my friend Matt A. on the Schuylkill River! We figured that it would be an awesome night to do so, especially taking the water and air temperatures in consideration.

For our surprise, we met Chris McIntee and his crew fishing for Flatheads as well! 

Chris finished his night with 6 Flatheads (~15lbs top), and Matt finished with 1 -- his first Flathead ever! It measured 5.18lbs on the scale. Congrats on your first Flathead ever, bud! Good catch! 

For those who are not familiar with Chris, he used to run the "Seamoneyfishing" website. He is also one of the renowned local anglers in Philadelphia! Here's a little demo of what he is capable of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po8-ewmRpgY (a 55lb FLATHEAD CATFISH from the Schuylkill River, beating even the state record for PA!)

Anyways...Flathead fishing is always a thrill, and IT IS ON!

Nice sunset at Kelly Drive

Chris McIntee with a nice Flathead Catfish.

Nice fish! 

Matt A. with the first Flathead of his life. Congrats, Matt!

--- April 18th, 2014 --

Location: Lake Luxembourg/Core Creek
Time: 10:00-3:00 p.m.

Fishes caught:

- 6 Bluegill
- 1 Yellow Perch
- 3 Brown Bullhead
- 2 Green Sunfish

Went to Lake Luxembourg with my nephew for the first time this year. Thankfully, he was able to catch a couple fish on live nightcrawlers! 

Photos are below:

My naphew with a little Brown Bullhead. Notice his "snacks" on the background. Hah.

My first Brown Bullhead of the year! Thus, even though it was very dirty, I had to take a photo of it! 

Cute little Green Sunfish from the spillway under lake Luxembourg

My nephew with a nice Bluegill on a Trout Magnet.

Another nice Bluegill on a Trout Magnet

To end the day, a Yellow Perch, caught on a live nightcrawler.

"Things that you don't see when you stay at home:" mother nature doing her stuff! =)

--- April 19th, 2014 --

Location: James River
Time: 6:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Fishes caught:

- 4 Blue Catfish
- 1 Striped Bass

Here's a post that is a little bit different than the usual ones, since it's not exactly portraying fishing in Philadelphia. My friends and I went to the James River in Virginia for a day, wishing to catch some big Blue Cats! According to our guide "Hunter Tucker" (HawgHunterChartersLLC). the bite was quite slow! However, each one of us was able to at least catch something! 

Will's video of his 34.7lbs Blue Catfish can be viewed here.

Even though I didn't land any giants, this trip was still a big plus for me: I caught my first Blue Catfish (new addition to my Species list), and my first Striped Bass of the year! Heh.

Our guide -- "Hunter Tucker" -- was very nice and competent. Thus, I HIGHLY recommend him if you are ever looking for some action around VA. You may access his website here for more details on his fishing packages.

Particularly, I loved the fact that his equipment was mainly based on Shimano reels and rods (my favorite and trusted brand). Also, he caught us fresh bait before the beginning of our fishing session; took good measurements for properly CPRing fish; constantly moved us around to different "productive" fishing spots; etc. 

Finally, I would like to thank Andrew, Will, and Mark for making this trip happen, and, of course, many thanks to bad-ass captain Hunter Tucker! Awesome job, man! 

Photos are below:

A nice photo of the crew, including our guide (right side).

Mighty James River in Virginia

Will (top left) and Andrew (bottom right) caught the two giants of the day: 34.7lbs (39.5 inches) and 28.0lbs (38.0 inches) Blue Cats, respectively. Mark and I ended up catching some Striped Bass, which was equally fun from our perspective! Individual photos are below:

My first Blue Catfish! Looks almost the same as a Channel Catfish in color, except the anal fin and the shape and size of its whiskers. 

The good and old Gizzard Shad: our bait for the day! 

--- April 20th, 2014 --

Location: Meadow Lake (FDR Park)
Time: 12:30-7:30 p.m.

Fishes caught:

- 1 Northern Snakehead
- 1 Largemouth Bass
- 11 Bluegill
- 1 American Eel

It was a good day at Meadow Lake (FDR Park)! My friend Matt A. joined me around noon, and we fished until a little bit before sunset. 

Right at the beginning of my fishing session, I caught a nice 2.42lbs Largemouth Bass on a Strike King spinner. After that, the bite was really slow! Thus, we decided to relax for a bit, put some nightcrawlers on, and catch some Sunnies. Yeah...we ended up catching plenty of Bluegills. Heh.

Matt and I walked around the place until the end of the afternoon. We settled down close to the Gazebo, where I caught a nice sized American Eel and a little Northern Snakehead. 

Over all, productive day! I ended up catching my first American Eel and Northern Snakehead of the year. Heh.

Photos are below:

Bluegills! Thankfully, Sunnies are everywhere, so they can give you some action when the bite is slow! Get them on ultralight setup (4lbs test line, etc), and they fight REALLY WELL! 

Anglers: please take care of your trash after you are done fishing! This amount of line can bring harm to many different types of wildlife, not to mention that littering is definitely a no-no when it comes to our sport and reputation.

2.42lbs Largemouth Bass on a Strike King blade spinner! Healthy and safely released.

Perfect size for bait -- American Eel caught on a whole little live Sunny.

Small Northern Snakehead, caught on a live Sunny (you can still see its tail sticking out of its mouth).

--- April 21st, 2014 --

Location: Meadow Lake (FDR Park)
Time: 2:30-8:00 p.m.

Fishes caught:

- 1 Northern Snakehead
- 8 Bluegill

Went back to the Meadow Lake for some more action! Pulled another Northern Snakehead from the FDR Park today and missed a massive Largemouth Bass on a live sunny!

Another small Northern Snakehead! This one was caught on a Senko, though.

--- April 25th, 2014 --

Location: Newton Lake
Time: 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Fishes caught:

- 1 Warmouth
- 9 Largemouth Bass
- 8 Black Crappie
- 2 Bluegill

After a good while, I was finally able to go to Newton Lake for some LMB and Northern Snakeheads. For my surprise, there were tons of dead fish around the Lake! In these past 2 years, I've seen plenty of dead Gizzard Shad around Newton Lake, which is common. This year, however, there were all types of fish! 

After talking to a couple people, I was informed that there was a winter kill! This time, not even the Bullheads and Carp were spared (note: they are very resistant to low level oxygen waters). For you guys to have an idea, the stench around the lake was so unbearable that the county people came down to "clean" some of the putrid fish floating around the lake. 

Among the dead, there were the following Species: Bluegills, Green Sunfish, Gizzard Shad, Common Carp, Largemouth Bass, Brown Bullhead, Channel Catfish. For this past Winter, only Northern Snakeheads were spared...

Other than that, it was a wonderful day of fishing! Photos are below:

This time, not even the Bullheads were spared! The photo above shows the remains of a Brown Bullhead.

Among the trash around the Lake, there were lots of dead Bluegill.

First Largemouth Bass of the day, caught on a 6 inch Gary Yamamoto Senko.

Cute little Black Crappie caught on a 1/64oz jig with a "Gulp! Alive minnow."

A nice Black Crappie in spawning colors.

Probably my biggest Largemouth Bass of the day, caught on a rigged Salamander.

Same fish, closed up view.

Another nice Black Crappie in spawning colors.

Largemouth Bass caught on a jigged tube.

A nice Warmouth from Newton Lake! (Also my first one)

Another Largemouth Bass, caught on the tube.

The remains of a NICE Common Carp...

--- April 26th, 2014 --

Location: Cooper River Lake/Newton Lake
Time: 1:00-7:00 p.m.

Fishes caught:

- 1 Common Carp
- 1 Brown Bullhead
- 3 Bluegills
- 1 Black Crappie

Quick session on the Cooper River Lake and Newton Lake! Finished the day with a nice 0.94lbs Brown Bullhead (my biggest one this year so far), a small Common Carp, 3 Bluegills, and 1 lonely Crappie! 

Small Common Carp caught on kernel corn.

Nice Brown Bullhead, also caught on kernel corn.

A lonely Black Crappie from Newton Lake!