Sundays are Certainly Godly...

Heya, guys!
First, a little update on a new fishing video that I made. You can download it here. It's stored in the 4shared domain, which means you have to sign up (for free) in order to download it. After you sign up, all you need to do is to download it.

It's a very interesting video portraying different fishing locations around Philadelphia, and also fishing quotes that show my Philosophy in the sport. The pictures were all collected in these past 2 years that I've been fishing. There are pictures of Mike, me, my father, my nephew, Rob, Nadir, Steve, etc. It's definitely a video that is worth to watch, and something for you to think about! After all, what is fishing to you? Is fishing just catching the fish?! =) 

Well...the video is Copyright © 2012, all right reserved to me. The music has its own copyrights, and that's the reason I can't publish it on Youtube yet. I've sent the composer an e-mail requesting written permission to use his music. Therefore, keep the video for yourselves for now, guys.

So, I've mentioned on my previous post that Sundays are really godly for me. After all, that's the one day of the week that I have a whole day availability, not to mention that I usually have company for fishing. Particularly, Jay and I have been having some wonderful fishing experiences in the past weeks (excluding one day that Jay got very frustrated for getting skunked for the whole day).

Therefore, I'm bringing you guys a report of our fishing session on Sunday, August 5th.

We started early morning at Haddon Lake in New Jersey. Jay decided to work a jig while I chose Senkos for Largemouth Bass. We went separate ways, and started covering a lot of water. I did poor on the Senko, not to mention that I covered a lot of water - half of the Lake. I didn't see a lot of Bass around, but Jay saw LOTS of them! He caught 2-3 Largemouth Bass while I shifted my fishing from Largemouth to Trout. One of them was a 2lber - he spotted the fish before casting the jig. He slowly approached it, gave a smooth cast, and hopped the jig in front of the fish. BOOM! 

Meanwhile, I saw the Brook Trouts that Mike caught a while ago! It's great to see that they are healthy, and still swimming around. I tried to entice them to bite, but failed. Also, I saw some left-over Rainbow Trout at the end of the Lake (3-4 of them), and decided to try for them! I hooked one on an in-line Spinner, but lost it during a splash. After that, the action on the spinner died. It was then that I spotted a Largemouth Bass, and switched to a Senko. When I threw it, a Rainbow Trout decided to chew on my 6 inch Senko, scaring the Largemouth Bass away. Epic failure! Then, I switched to natural bait (bread), and tried to catch a Trout on it. They were very INTERESTED in the bait, but the Sunfish would always pick up the bait before the Trout. Epic failure²! Haha.

Jay showed up at that moment, and we walked back to the other side of the Lake. I don't remember the fish order because this trip was nearly a month ago. Haha. But I do know that Jay got a 3.5lber (first picture), and a couple more on his sacred jig (second and third pics), after we left the Trout spot. 

After spending a couple more hours on Bass fishing, Jay and I decided to move somewhere else - try new spots! We decided to hit Martin Lake, especially after I had a great fishing conversation with a local angler. 

We arrived at Martin after 5 minutes of driving. When we got there, one guy was fishing at the site with a Spinner blade. He wasn't the conversationalist type of person; therefore, we didn't get much information from him. Also, he left when we arrived (Hmm...hah maybe that's a hint?). We saw a bunch of Bullfrogs around, and some lily pads available for cover. I tried a Spro frog without success, and Jay tried his Spinner blade, also without success. After 5 minutes fishing there, we kind of realized that we should stop wasting our time there and move on. Luckily, we knew that there was another Lake just minutes away from us. 

The new Lake looked much more promising (fourth picture), not to mention that the environment was GREAT! I don't know exactly who made that Lake, but the ambient was really nice. Half of the lake is private, the other half is public. On the public side of the Lake, there are tables, chairs, and trash cans available - it's a perfect spot for a nice lunch, a fishing session with other people, or even just hanging out with friends. The Lake had enough cover (lilypads, weeds) for Bass, and we spotted a great population of HUGE Sunnies right away!

Jay set one of his rods with a "Sunnie under the bobber" (sounds like a dish, doesn't it? Hahaha), fishing actively with his other rod. I set one of my rods with a piece of American Eel, for the carnivores. Jay was hungry for some Bass, especially after he located a couple around. Note: Jay missed a nice bite on his Sunnie - the float was ALL THE WAY down! Meanwhile, I was having my fun with the Sunnies. They were all kind of big (ranging around 6-7 inches), and they were biting good on Trout Magnets, bread, and Gulp! Minnows. It was then that I had a great surprise...

I moved a little bit to the right, trying to catch a couple Sunnies on the Gulp! Minnow. I located a school next to a water inlet, and decided to give it a try. As soon as I put the little minnow in the water, a nice Bass came out and swallowed the thing like it was a piece of corn. Hahaha. I fought it for a while on my 4lb test, carefully, since the fish was wrapped around A LOT of weed. Well...a nice Largemouth Bass (fifth picture) on a 1/32oz jig (like a size 10 hook) with a Gulp! Minnow. Awesome, isn't it?

After that, we spent the next couple hours exploring new locations. We ended disappointed at Absecon Lake, after we found out that it was a private Lake. We tried the Big Timber Creek, but we couldn't find a lot of access from the shore. We gave a try at Steward Lake, where people were fishing mainly for Sunnies (I did see some Carp, but we ended up skunked).

Then, finally, I proposed the idea of traveling far awayyyyy to Hopkins Pond in Haddonfield. My idea was to fish the Driscoll Pond (which is right next to it) for Common Carp and Largemouth Bass, and call it a day! For our luck, the Carp were biting that day. Haha. We got 2 Carps (last picture) right after we chummed the place up with corn, and right before the big storm moved in (It stormed really bad that day)!

It was pretty funny...Jay called me over, and showed me his phone with the weather report. I saw some green and yellow stuff, and I was like: "Okay? So?" He looked at me with a surprised face, and said: "Dude...there's a storm moving our way. Like...RIGHT NOW." I kind of noticed that the day got darker before dusk, and the wind was pretty strong...

We looked at each other, and started packing up like crazy. When we hit the car at Hopkins Pond, it started to rain. Hahaha. Perfect timing!       

Awesome day of fishing with all the elements of fishing involved. If you watched the video, wouldn't you say that all quotes applied to a single day? Beautiful, isn't it? That's why fishing is a beautiful sport...

Pictures are below:

"The finest gift you can give to any fisherman is to put a good fish back, and who knows if the fish that you caught isn’t someone else’s gift to you? –Lee Wulff" Support catch and release, guys!

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.