Season is open at the FDR Park - LMB and Snakeheads


--> Added Data from Schuylkill River (03/03/12; 03/04/12; 03/10/12; 03/11/12;
03/18/12; 03/22/12), Audubon Lake (03/08/12), and FDR Park (03/24/12)

With two years of field experience at the FDR park, I can say that there are only two main secrets for a successful day at the Lakes: water temperature, and change of location.

During cold temperatures, the FDR park becomes miserable! The Sunfish will still be around, and big Black Crappies will still be available in low populations. With creature lures, or mid-water jerk baits, one may be able to hook a lunker, if lucky. The main fun of the Lakes, which consists of LMB and Snakeheads, become highly inactive. Even if the person covers the whole area, it's still likely to end the day skunked.

On the other hand, the Lakes at FDR become an awesome place when temperatures are high! The main action becomes top-water, and a good LMB or Snakehead may be swimming "just in front of you". All spots become potentially good, despite of depth or visibility. Walking around the Lakes and covering the most possible amount of water is the main technique to have a successful day.   

Due to the availability of my time, I wasn't able to go to the FDR Park (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) as often as I wished. I was able to go there yesterday - my first official fishing trip at the FDR this year. Mike, however, has been hitting the FDR constantly lately (I wonder how this guy is doing at college! Haha), and he was able to get a couple Snakehead shots for us!

Yes, they do exist! People have been bugging me for a Snakehead picture, hence lots of them don't really believe they are in the Lakes at FDR. Pictures of Mike's Snakeheads are below!

Please, let's not forget that the Northern Snakehead is an invasive Species in Philadelphia, PA. It's completely legal to catch-and-release, even though the Boat and Commission recommends fishermen to not release it. It's legal to harvest them, as FAR as they are dead. It's ILLEGAL to keep them alive in any conditions, and travel with them.

With this in mind, all the rest is fun! The pictures below are of Mike's last trips to the FDR, including a picture of my LMB from yesterday, caught at the main lake. Rob and Steve were there as well! They landed some nice sunnies, a LMB, and 2 Crappies. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the pictures from them. If I do, I'll certainly add them in this post later.

Enjoy the pictures:

I do not recall how big this Bass was, but it looks like a fattie! (Reminds me of my friend Carrie, somehow...)

I do not recall WHO took this picture, but man...I have to admit that I'm with my eyes closed in 30% of my pictures. The LMB was caught on top water with a Jitterbug, 2lbs, 20 inches. 

Mike with his 2.04lbs LMB (also caught yesterday), caught on a fluke.

An old picture from a previous trip.

Finally, people will stop bugging about the Snakehead pictures at FDR! Once again: Yes, they do exist. They are aggressive, invasive, but a lovely Game fish! Mike was able to get all 3 of them in less than 40 minutes, all at one spot. Therefore, as I mentioned before: moving around at the FDR is a very smart move for a successful day.

Second one.

Third one. As I remember, one was 2lbs, and the other two topped 1.5lbs. Nice job, Mike! Keep it going!

I've always liked the fact that Mike sends me pictures all the time. My specialty in fishing is really still-fishing and float-fishing, while Mike's fishing is completely based on cast and retrieve. Therefore, I've always liked the fact that I can give away pictures of bottom feeders and other species that rely on natural baits while Mike can contribute with Species that are often caught on lures.

Overall, the season at the FDR is finally opened, and it's already being "overfished". Just from yesterday, I was able to see more than 10 fishermen fishing at the big Lake! That's quite outrageous...Hopefully people will learn to catch-and-release, and be a little bit more conscious about the sustainability of the waters around us. 

Best of luck for all of us!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.
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Collection of Pictures from the Haddon Lake in NJ

Follow my Facebook page for updates on every single one of my fishing sessions:
There are fishes around us! Follow my Statistical Chart for 2012 for my catches during this year:
As promised in the last post, a little collection of other catches from Haddon Lake, NJ. There have been other catches, but I don't really have the pictures in my hands...Basically, it's all about LMB, Rainbow Trout, Calico Bass (Black Crappie), and Chain Pickerel (Mike's the only one who landed it so far. Tsk tsk tsk...)

Rob's Rainbow Trout. He nailed quite a couple over there, but this is the only decent picture that I have of it. Steve was able to land a spawning one as well! Impressive, Steve! Keep going...

Mike's Chain Pickerel. If I remember correctly, it was around 24 inches. Note the bloody marks on its tail. It always made me wonder: what kind of fish has guts to "snack" on this one?! It has to be at least similar in size! Incredible! I can't wait until I catch one...

Mike with a "medium" sized Large Mouth Bass from Haddon.

Mike with a "small" sized Large Mouth Bass from Haddon. Very pretty, and healthy as well! The lateral line is beautiful.

Mike's PB at Haddon so far: a 3lb "big" Large Mouth Bass. Even so, there have been rumors of 5-6 pounders at Haddon. I'm sure Mike will bring us more images of LMB during the summer (bigger ones too), fruits of his favorite target.

And another healthy one.

Best luck for all of us! The odds are proportional to the weather! Now that the weather is good, chances of catching bigger ones are higher as well. Watch out for the laws/rules in terms of harvesting, and spawning season, and everything will be okay!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.

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There are fishes around us! Follow my Statistical Chart for 2012 for my catches during this year:
Hey, People! It's been a while, huh? As I stated before, my time for fishing has become very limited after my classes started at college. Also, I've been psychologically "messed up" for a while - the regular life drama (blame it on women, of course! =P). For this reason, I apologize. Anyways, let's get down to what really matters here: fishing.

Since the weather started to get better at the beginning of March or so, I had decided to hit Audubon/Haddon Lake with my friends one more time. I went there with Mike Hsiao, and we fished for a couple hours.

First, we focused on the Haddon lake for Pickerel and LMB. Without much luck, I moved to the Audubon Lake (just next to it) for some Carp. I ended the day with two landed Carps (pictures below). 

Mike has been hitting the Haddon lake for quite a while, as well as Rob and Steve (which makes our little fishing party of 4). I'll post a collection of their pictures on the link below:

Pictures of March 8th:
First Carp of the day, ready to shake hands!

Same as above. Somehow, I'm never really smiling in my pictures. Hahaha

Second one, so you can have a better idea of its size.

Now, this is funny...I've been fishing with Mike for quite a while, and he's always doing these "weird ninja" moves when he's either landing fish, or retrieving a snagged lure. Check the pictures below: "How far would you go for a lure?"

He got his lure! Happy, huh? He's about 20 feet from land.

A better picture of his craziness.

And he starts his journey carefully, hanging on the tree.

It gets a bit dangerous, but he manages not to fall.

At this point, he dropped the lure in the water (Hahaha), but he was able to get it back by cast and retrieve.

Finally, he makes to the trunk of the tree...

...and he lands safely!

Pretty scary, isn't it? I would never do this kind of stuff for a lure. Would you do it? Oh was lots of fun!

And finally, two pictures of the Haddon Lake. I was trying to fish for Catfish and Rainbow Trout in this picture. It's said that there are 15-20lbs Catfish in the Haddon Lake (Wow!). this myth or not? I'll have to confirm that over the summer...

A beautiful picture of the sky. Fishing the fish is part of the sport, but being outside - surrounded by nature - is always a plus.

 I'll certainly start posting more from now on, even though my time is very limited! After all, I've received lots of e-mails complaining about the lack of updates. Hahaha

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.