Reports (Mike H.): Lake Elkhorn, MD.

Mike's report on Lake Elkhorn, MD - August 4th, 5th.

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Written by Mike H. - edited by Leo S.
Hey guys! Late report, but here is it. I fished Lake Elkhorn in Maryland for an hour on Saturday - August 4th. Due to my limited time, I chose to fish a very small drainage pond and threw only a frog. I managed to catch a solid 3 lb bass (first picture) using the frog in the shallow area of water behind me. The water was only 3 inches deep and I have no idea how that bass was hanging in water that shallow.

The second picture was a 1.5 lb Bass caught on a Popper in a small pond 5 minutes from my house. The only other fish I caught that day was a dink, on a soft plastic.

A short report from Mike H.! At the beginning, I was reluctant about putting this report on the Blog, since it's not really in Philadelphia. Later, I noticed that it didn't matter a lot - people want to know about how Mike fishes, and location is just part of it. Plus, different environments and pictures are always nice to read about...

Nailing the Largemouth Bass in Maryland! I'm actually surprised he didn't snag anything this time! Hahaha

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.