Reports (Rob Z.): The Lakes at FDR

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Rob Z.'s report on the Lakes at FDR Park - June 3rd.

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Written by Rob Z. - edited by Leo S.

This past weekend I went to the FDR Park for Carp and for Bass (with a 3rd rod). I setup two Carp rods with corn, and cast with my third rod - an ultralight.  I didn't manage anything on the ultralight, and I had to endure several showers over the course of the day. But it was all worth it when one of my Carp rods once again started to go nuts.

This time I was there for it. I took the bell off, grabbed the rod, and started the battle. It was pulling line off like crazy. I had a medium action rod with 20 lb braid, but it was fighting so strong! I almost felt like I was not strong enough to win this fight. Just when I thought I had the beast tired out, he would run again! And just when I though he could not possibly run anymore, he ran farther and stronger than he had before, even after I tightened the drag!  I just could not believe the power of this fish.

There turned out to be a reason for this: I saw when the fish was landed that it was foul hooked in its left pectoral fin. Since it was not hooked in the mouth, it could really pull as much as it wanted without "hurting itself." It was also able to swim straight away easier since I didn't have it hooked in its mouth, which would have made it easier to turn the fish around, and tougher for the fish to run. I'm not sure if I could have landed it at all if it were not for the help of another fisherman, who waded into the water and scooped it up with a net. This one went just over ten pounds on my scale, and is my 3rd Carp.

I am very much enjoying this type of fishing, and using the 3rd rod to stay engaged while waiting is a good method that works for me.  My next goal is a 15 pounder, and then after that, I will be looking for a 20 pounder.


There you go! Another picture of a beast from the Lakes at FDR Park. Again: there's plenty of fish there, depending on what Species you target. Nadir G. missed a nice Carp there too, not too long ago.

Carp fishing is certainly exciting; they are top quality when it comes to sheer strength!
Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.