Reports (Jay D.): Fishing the Delaware River

Jay D.'s Report on the Delaware River - June 28th.

Written by Jay D. - edited by Leo S.
So, I finally got to fish with my Dad down at the Delaware River - close to his complex, a few blocks North of the Linden Ave hatcheries. I used to fish there with my friend Pete for Catfish all the time, about 10 years ago. I haven't been down there since.

My Dad and I set up our equipment on the pebble beach ,down by the river, at almost dead low tide. We had live minnows, nightcrawlers, and chicken livers. I started with the worms, and my Dad with a minnow. It took about 5 minutes before I had a bite. Set the hook, and it was a small White Perch - however, a fish is a fish!

Nothing was touching the minnows, and after my Dad saw me catch three more White Perch, he decided to switch to worms. Of course, he immediately caught an American Eel. Now...I know that Leo likes catching Eels, as they make good bait, but I can't stand them, and my Dad REALLY can't stand them. So, I managed to get the hook out without getting all slimed, or having a knot tied around my arm. I told my Dad that if it was April or May, I would have told him to just throw the whole eel right back out for a Striper. 

After the Eel incident, my Dad decided to switch to chicken livers, which he had never used. After casting three times (each time the chicken liver went out further than his hook), he finally got the idea, and made a nice soft lob cast. It didn't take long for his rod tip to bend - he jumped on it instantly, and felt a big fish. His eyes really lit up! Unfortunately, after 5 minutes of fight, he got caught on something on the bottom, and the line snapped. My Dad was bummed, but happy to at least feel a big fish on the line.

I ended up catching a small Channel Catfish with beautiful spots on his back, also on a chicken liver. My Dad was getting antsy to leave, and I could sense it. Then, of course, on cue, snag. "That's my cue to head home," he said. I tried a minnow one last time, got a hit, missed the fish, and got a snag. I guess my Dad was right. It was time to go.

It was a great time, and now my Dad wants to go fishing there every Wednesday. It's really nice down there, and even nicer that you have the whole place to yourself. Next time, I'm bringing more rods, and I'll try throwing some lures out there. There's actually some decent cover spots, and there is virtually no fishing pressure whatsoever. Fish on brothas!

Awesome report, Jay! It's so nice that fishing can also mean family time, isn't it?

Fishing with other family members, spending a good time outdoors. If kids are present, even better (safety first, of course)! Physically and psychologically good.

I'm sure you and your father will catch something BIG one of these days. The Delaware is no joke - there are huge Catfish swimming around! Well...hopefully a next time.

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.