Recent Catches Around Philadelphia/NJ

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--> Added Data from Schuylkill River (06/01/12), Pennypack Park (06/01/12), Absecon Bay (06/05/12, 06/06/12).

--> New PBs for American Eel, Yellow Perch.

Hello, readers!

It's been a while since I updated this blog. I admit that I have been extremely busy having fun out there (fishing, of course!). Soon I'll write all my reports from May (Cooper River Lake, Absecon Bay, Hyde Lake Park, Haddon Lake, and so on), as well as update a couple reports from readers and friends - Rob Z., Peter S., Mike H.

About last month's Poll...

"Other" won with 8 votes, followed by Bass Masters. Just after creating the Poll, I realized that I failed to put a "None" option in it, so people that don't really subscribe to any magazine would have a chance to vote for such option. However, Blogger doesn't allow us to change the Poll once the first vote is cast. Therefore, I couldn't change it at all!

Magazines are powerful tools for people to get into the "Sport" of fishing - following Pro's activities, updates of fishing products in the Market; as well as learning new techniques, strategies...and so on - all about fishing. When someone asks me "What can I do to become a better fisherman?", subscribing to certain magazines is part of my answer. Personally, I subscribe to all of those Magazines in the Poll, and some more. I believe that my budget for magazines per year has passed one hundred dollars already. However, for the amount of information that I get from each of them, it's certainly very rewarding.

In my opinion...magazines, videos, field experience...these are all good options to increase the fishing expertise of Bass, Sport, Pro fishermen. For my type of fishing, which is mainly fishing for different Species with the objective of unfolding the unknown in each body of water, that just won't be enough. I am a Physics major by nature, but I've expanded my horizons and read a lot about hydrology, ecology, limnology, soil science, which are all part of Environmental Science. I've also studied a lot about fish's anatomy and physiology, but not to a point that I am able to call myself a Ichthyologist. As a matter of fact, I have a long way to go...

For now, enjoy this selection of recent catches around Philadelphia, most sent by readers or taken by me. Also, vote on the new Poll (on the right -->).

Extreme reader Ben sent this picture of a beautiful Channel Catfish caught at the Delaware River on May 27th. Supposedly, there are lots of big Catfish in the Delaware River (bigger than the Schuylkill). However, I haven't personally fished/saw a 10lb+ Catfish from there yet.

Nadir G. caught this nice sized Rock Bass at the Pennypack Park, precisely at the dam that I posted previously. He apologizes for the quality of his pictures!

Nadir G. holding a frozen White Sucker that he got at the Pennypack Park (Verree Road, Lorimer Park) 

Nadir Garvin holding a nice sized Green Sunfish caught at the Tacony Creek. (Yes, they are in there!)

Nadir G. holding a 3lb Channel Catfish caught at the Schuylkill River on May 28th. Well...I'm the one who took this picture, so the quality is good!

A bag full of Black Crappie that my father and I caught at the Cooper Pond in NJ. The limit, basically.

I took a picture of this kid - Greg - at Cooper Pond. Apparently, he and his friend caught a bunch of Largemouth Bass there on Senkos and Yamamoto Big Ikas. Good times, huh, Greg?

A nice Yellow Perch that I caught at the Schuylkill River on June 1st. I was jigging a piece of nightcrawler very close to top water, and the fish attacked! Good feeling.

Peter S. sent me a picture of this Brown Trout that he got at the Pennypack Park, precisely at the Dam that I emphasized in my last post. 13 inches long, caught on June 2nd.

A very Smallmouth Bass also caught by Peter S.. Same Spot.

Peter S. went to the same spot one day later, and caught another Smallmouth Bass (a little bit bigger than the one from the day before).

Another Brown Trout caught at Pennypack by Peter S., June 3rd.

I found this picture in my folder. Someone sent it to me LONG time ago, and it just happened that I found it now. So, there we go! Someone got a nice Channel Catfish at the Schuylkill River, on the Schuylkill Banks.

That's it for now...Stay tuned for next updates, coming very soon!

Best of luck for all of us!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.