Reports (Peter S.): A Lake in Abington Township

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Peter S.'s report on a lake in Abington Township - May 25th.

Written by Peter S. - edited by Leo S.
I started at 8:20 a.m. and saw the fog. The lake was dead, so I decided to fish a top-water frog. After a couple casts and no success, i believed that live bait was going to be the only way to go on that foggy overcast day, so I gave live bait a try. I started using a bluegill - I threw it out in the Lake. After a few casts, nothing! Then, i finally felt a nice hit. I opened the bail to let the fish eat the bait, and then i closed it. I then hooked into something huge that fought for 15 minutes and peeled off my 4lb test line. It swam all over with my medium light spinning rod bent over, and my spool singing as close to 25 yards of four pound test getting ripped off. I got it in, and realized it was a huge catfish. To my estimates from photos and rod-measurement, it was 25-30 inches...and fat - full of eggs. Both pictures below are of the same fish.

I fished a little bit more with live bait and got one Largemouth Bass on a Madtom, giving me the "triple crown" - Bass, Sunnie, and Catfish. Then, I got another Bass on the same bait, both back to back, almost in the same spot, although the second was bigger than the first.

I got nothing for a while, so I decided to fish another part of the lake - one that was heavily weeded, and with frogs. So, I decided to use specifically the Scum Frog that I just purchased from Bass Pro Shops. I got a little colorful dink on it. I had one more that blew up my bait, but the Bass missed and gave up on it.

I looked at my watch, and noticed it was 12 p.m. I only had half hour left before my bus came, and the sun was also out by that time. So, i was determined to see if i could get more Bass! I cast out a live Bluegill and saw it get swamped by another nice Bass. I set the hook and got my 4th bass of the day - a nice one too.

I gave a few more casts in that spot: nothing. So, I moved to another spot. I threw out a Senko, since I didn't have time to get a Bluegill. As i twitched the Senko, I felt some weight. I lowered the rod, reeled in the slack, and set the hook: result - a nice Bass around 14 inches or so. I snapped a photo, released the fish, and threw my senko in the exact same spot. It got picked up again! i set the hook and caught a nice Bass, bigger than the last one. I snapped a photo, released him, and then had to leave to pack for the shore. A great morning spent with no school!

Pictures are below:

Nice job, Peter! Unfortunately, due to the owner's wish to keep the name of this lake a secret, I'm unable to tell you guys where it's. However, I can definitely say this: this body of water holds very good quality Bass for a local body of water. Even according to Mike H.: "I never saw a Lake that gave me so many hits in one day"

There's a good concentration of Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Crappie, and Sunnies (Pumpkin Seed, mainly) in that lake - pretty impressive considering its size and depth!

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.