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Hello, people! It's the end of June now (time passes fast!), and I'm bringing you the FAQ (frequent asked questions) collected from my gmail - 4 questions that have been asked constantly, although in different ways (with the permission of the senders). Enjoy!

1. "Hello! First, I would like to say that I love your Blog, and I'm a fanatic fisherman. I like the fact that you are very willing to share everything with the public, and you still believe on the good side of the population. Now, I know you like to catch different Species of fish, and different fish means different gears. Does that mean that you have a huge fishing repertory?"

Thanks for the compliments! Now, to your questions: I don't personally consider my fishing repertory big, but I do have a variety of items at home. Rather than writing it all here, I took a couple pictures to show it to you... 

Starting from the left: on top - a couple different spinning reels; on the bottom - my baitcaster (Shimano Antares DC7 LV), and a fly reel. On the floor: a couple plastics that I have, hooks, and some lures (shad dart there! haha). On the right: the metal pole is actually one of my nets, and the Okuma stand is for my fishing rods.

Another view of the same spot. Now you can view the Rod stand better, as well as the rod holders on the left.

This table is actually to the right of the previous picture, and it contains most of my small fishing accessories: lures on the bottom-right, sinkers on the right, flies and lines on the top-right. Gulp! baits and powerbait on top-center, different types of floats on top-right, hooks on bottom-right. There's also a small assortment of jig-heads, swivels, etc...

The process is to gather whatever I need for my next fishing session and pack it up! After coming back, I put all the items back, and so forth. I have everything organized, and ready to go! =)

2. "I saw you a couple times fishing at the Schuylkill Banks, but I never see you with your license outside. I'm assuming that you have your license with you every time you are fishing?"

Yes! Although the law states that showing the fishing license at all times on a piece of garment or so is a must, I rarely leave it exposed. I prefer to keep it safe, and show it when necessary. Below are pictures of all my fishing licenses for 2012. It's good to purchase them and be legal, not to mention that your money is going to be wisely used towards local fishing issues and so on. 

New Jersey fishing license with Trout Stamp

Pennsylvania fishing license with Trout Stamp (purchased on 12/31/2011. Haha)

Maryland fishing license with Trout Stamp.

New Jersey Saltwater Recreational Registry Program ("License" for Salt-water fishing).

3. "Hi. I follow your Blog constantly, and I'm a big fan of Mike's. I purchased the same lures he uses, go to the same spots, and I don't catch anything! Are you sure he's using what you say he's using? I mean...I know some people like to keep their secrets, you know? Can you tell me what he's REALLY using?" 

Well...I thank you on Mike's behalf - I'm sure he would be very happy to read this. In reality, he catches all his fish on the lures he says he used. There are no secrets AT ALL! Maybe there's a difference in terms of techniques - those are unique even among fishermen. As we both know, a single lure can be used in many different ways by different people. Below are a couple pictures of Mike's set of lures (not including Plastics!). Again - he does use those to fish.

4. "Hello. I love your Blog and everything, but I totally disapprove of the font colors that you use. They are so hard to read. I think you should change them."

That's a very interesting point that you are pulling out there - the font colors are certainly unusual. It's not the first time I hear about this complaint, and I will reply to you the same that I've replied to others: you can always follow the Blog news through the "RSS feed" (the link on top-right), which has a white background. If it still troubles you, you can select the text to make it white font with blue background.

However, let me emphasize that choosing the colors was not purely accidental. If you read the Blog in whatever version you like (original, RSS, or selected) with enough light, it will not damage your vision. It's the opposite - the red font helps your eyes get used to visual focus, which is actually an essential skill in fishing. Whatever way you prefer to do it, I'm glad you love the Blog!

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.