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Hello, readers!

I'm bringing you some old pictures (ranging from April-June) from my previous sessions - pictures that I couldn't post here before. I kind of realized that I have a very limited amount of time to work on the Blog. Since I'm always trying to write good and informative posts, it's impossible to right a big post for everyone of my sessions. 

Conclusion? The pictures pile up, and the fishing gets "off-to-date." Well...in order to solve this little problem, I decided to follow a couple people's advices (read in my gmail), and I finally created a Facebook page! I highly recommend everyone to follow up the Facebook page:

Well...how does this help?

--> I can post little posts about every single fishing session that I go to. In other words, things will be up-to-date! I'll save the big and interesting posts for the Blog, and work on the Facebook page EVERY TIME I finish a session. 

--> You can friend me (please, leave a message if you do so!), follow the page, etc. This means that it will be much easier for you guys to communicate with me, plan fishing sessions together, ask questions about spots, techniques, lures, and so on. Also, people will be able to interact between themselves: strengthen their fishing contacts and share information between each other.

--> I check my facebook DAILY. No more 3 days wait for e-mail response, and blah blah blah. However, the G-mail will still be available for everyone, with a 1-3 days delay!

So...read it, follow it, like it, and so on! I think this will be a great improvement in terms of information and interaction, and it only takes a Facebook account to do so (which is free, and fast to create).

Below are pictures of some of my previous sessions, as well as pictures of Peter Scharf, one picture of Mike Hsiao (when we went fishing together), and a couple pictures sent by "Vic from the Northeast" - apparently an avid Trout/SMB fisherman.


April 30th - Nice Largemouth Bass at Haddon Lake, NJ

April 30th - Second LMB of the day!

May 18th - Dink LMB at FDR Park, PA

May 21st - My father with a nice Smallmouth Bass at Fairmount Dam, PA 

May 21st - My father caught a big Bluegill at the Fairmount Dam, PA

May 24th - I purchased a nice Sunfish lure. Heh Taken at Dicks Sporting Goods in Northeast Philly.

May 25th - Caught a dink LMB at Haddon Lake, NJ

May 25th - Second LMB of the day!

May 27th - Nice White Perch caught at the Schuylkill Banks, close to Walnut Bridge.

May 29th - Nice Green Sunfish caught at Core Creek (Lake Luxembourg), Bucks County, PA

May 30th - Nice Bluegill caught at Wallsworth Pond, NJ

May 30th - Nice Green Sunfish caught at Cooper River Lake, NJ

May 30th - Nice Pumpkin Seed caught at Wallsworth Pond, NJ

June 16th - First LMB in Abington, PA

June 16th, Second LMB of the day!

June 16th - A litttle Bullhead, Abington, PA

June 16th - a beautiful Black Crappie, Abington, PA

June 16th - Mike with a size Bass caught on a Creature Bait, Abington, PA

June 18th - Nice Smallie caught at Wissahickon Creek, PA

June 18th - Beautiful Rock Bass caught at Wissahickon Creek, PA

June 18th - Gorgeous Rainbow Trout caught on a Spinner, Wissahickon, PA

June 20th - A baby Striper caught at the Delaware River, Linden Ave, PA

Next pictures are courtesy of Vic from the Northeast. All were caught in the Pennypack Creek!

SMB - Vic from the Northeast

Smallmouth Bass - Vic from the Northeast

SMB - Vic from the Northeast

Rainbow Trout - Vic from the Northeast

SMB - Vic from the Northeast

SMB caught at the Pennypack Creek - Peter Scharf

SMB caught at Pennypack Creek  - Peter Scharf

LMB caught by Peter Scharf, Abington, PA

And another by Peter Scharf...

And another one...

And another one! Hah.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! Don't forget to follow the Facebook page as well! I'll be working on it shortly...

Best of luck for all of us!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.