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Hello, Blog Readers! 

Today I'm bringing you folks the latest updates and news in the Extreme Philly Fishing's social network (it's growing!). Heh. 

So, as you may or may not know, I spent the last week down in Winter Haven for my honeymoon! For those who are not familiar, Winter Haven is located in Florida and it's an hour drive away from Orlando. In other words, I'm sure you guys know it already it, right? I visited Disney World, the Legoland amusement Park, and even went to Tampa and Park De Soto. Below is a nice photo of Magic Kingdom:

The Magic Kingdom Park in the Disney "domain." I took this photo during the night time fireworks. Beautiful, isn't it?

Now that vacation is over, I am back to business! It's been a very very busy month and I am way behind my schedule when it comes to the Blog, the Facebook Page, and the YouTube Channel. So, I gotta work extra hard now to keep everything up to date.

Let's talk about the latest updates and news...

(1) I am sure that you guys have already noticed the new "donate" button on the Blog and Facebook Pages. The fact is that I try my best to keep all this social media running for free; however, I must admit it -- I love all of this, but this is all very time consuming! Now that I am a married man (yes, I married this month) and I have my own tutoring business (yes, I recently opened my own private tutoring business), my time is even more limited than ever! So, I guess you understand my dilemma: I may have to cut more hours of Blog work and who knows -- I may even have to stop updating the Blog in the future. That's exactly why the donation button is there now. If you want to support my work by donating a small amount (everything counts), I will be able to spend less hours working and more hours on this Blog. In other words, I will be able to keep this Blog up. Note that if you decide to donate, you will be donating to my private tutoring company's Paypal account: "Quanta Math & Physics Tutoring, LLC." To make things less confusing, I did add a headline for "Extreme Philly Fishing." For those who decide to contribute towards my work and my life -- you have my sincere gratitude. After all, I love all this fishing business and you would be helping me to continue doing what I love. :)

(2) There are plenty of new photos on the Facebook Page's Public Album. Many thanks to all those who have been contributing! It's certainly great to see everyone's catches and proper fish handling there. Once again -- anyone can submit photos to the Public Album. For more information on submission rules and how to submit your photo, you may click here.  

(3) I am pretty much one month behind on this Blog. I still need to finish up writing my fishing sessions for the month of May and I have plenty of June Fishing Sessions stacked! As mentioned above, everything is busier now that I have my own family. With wife comes more responsibilities and future goals. Therefore, less time to work on the fishing! Emphasizing -- you can greatly help me out with a small donation! For now, I have recently finished the following fishing sessions:

I will try my best to finish the May Fishing Sessions by Wednesday.

(4) Similar to the Blog Page, I am also very very behind on my YouTube Channel. I still have about 4-5 videos to edit and upload; however, I was at least able to upload three fishing videos today:

"Things that you don't see when you stay at home:" A school of fish feeding under a fishing pier.

"Things that you don't see when you stay at home:" Catching an American Alligator on a wacky-rigged Gary Yamamoto Senko.

Exploring and fishing the Schuylkill Canal in Mont Clare/Phoenixville.

(5) The First Anglers Get Together event was a lot of fun! Below is a photo of the crew who showed up for it:

This event had a very limited number of folks in it -- five total. Even so, it was a cozy and neat event! Everyone talked to everyone and plenty of fishing stories were shared! Hah. Fun times.

The 2nd Anglers Get Together will be in July. I will make a proper post for it later; however, be advised that the second meeting will take place at Toyo Japanese Restaurant and Bar in Doylestown. Their menu is available here.

And that's pretty much it for now, folks! 

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.


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