Reports (Rob Z.): Fishing in South Jersey, NJ

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Rob Z.'s report on a South Jersey camp in NJ. - April 30th.

Written by Rob Z. - edited by Leo S.
After not finding any crappies on Saturday (April 28th), I found a nice old wooden wall that was separating the swimming area from the rest of the lake. I slammed the crappies there, and ended up keeping six of them. I left to get a stringer for the fish, as I had already filled a bag.  When I came back, the bite was gone.  Now that I think about it, I should have never left! Bobby Garland Baby Shad (BGBS) under a
weighted float was the ticket as usual. These things were huge, with the biggest at about 13 inches. On an ultra lite rod with 4 lb test, my rod was bent in half for the bigger ones.

Those are boneless fillets that you guys are looking at. I searched youtube, found a video, sharpened my fillet knife, and went to work.  As tasty as trout :-)  12 fillets.
Pictures are below:

I particularly liked the second picture! I have read tons of magazines with Crappie articles, all of them without a picture from this angle, and just found the second picture to be really cool. 

The process of manufacturing the fish for eating is really interesting too! You got the fish before and after...pretty neat! I have to admit that Rob is a good cook, hence I've already tasted something that he made. Also, Crappies are yummy!

I'm glad you had a blast, man! Myself - I found Crappie fishing to be very enjoyable: finding the spots, "shaking" the jig, and so on. Lately, I've had huge success in Crappie fishing with a small Chartreuse tube...very nice!

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.