Reports (Jay D.): Delaware River

Jay D.'s report on the Delaware River (Close to Linden Ave): July 11th.

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Written by Jay D. - edited by Leo S.
So, this time my Dad could not make it due to a golfing emergency. It was just my Mom and I to take on the Delaware River pebble beach near Linden Ave. Last time we fished there, we were killing White Perch with nightcrawlers.

This time I came armed with 3 rods, and 3 different baits. Nightcrawlers on my ultralight, Corn on my medium action, and some purchased Catfish dough bait from the bait shop on my heavy action rod. I set up the ultralight, and gave it to my Mom to get started while I got the other rods geared up. Well...about 4 seconds after her bait hit the water, she said she was getting a hit (which I doubted), yanked on the rod and started reeling while screaming, "I got a fish!". I honestly didn't believe her at first, but BAM, White Perch number one! She continued like that all day. Several times she reeled in to change her bait and found a small White Perch on the line. She was catching fish by accident. I ended up getting a tiny Channel Catfish on the corn, and the $5 bag of catfish dough didn't even get a nibble. I should have used bread like I always do. I switched the Catfish bait to nightcrawlers and got a few White Perch myself.

It was an awesome, relaxing day; and my Mom's excitement over every fish she caught just made all that more awesome. She did have something fairly big on the line at one point, as I saw my ultralight rod bending like crazy, but it got off the hook before she could get it in. 10 years ago, I used to consistently catch good sized Catfish fishing there, but it was always at night. It seems like "White Perch city" there during the day. But the relaxing locale and fishing with the family is just so much fun. I expect to do it again soon! We're going to try to make it a weekly tradition for this Summer. Fishing and dinner every Wednesday night. Good fishing!

Pictures are below:

"She was catching fish by accident." Jay...that was cruel, botha! Hahaha. Give your mom some credit, man! Some people don't even know that a White Perch is biting. Their hooks just come back empty. White Perch are very requires a hook smaller than #4 to catch them consistently, and they will bite the bait AS SOON as it gets in the water. In other words, for those who leave slack line while fishing, it's nearly impossible to detect a White Perch bite! As a matter of fact, the bait may long be gone just after the cast, and the person may be waiting there for a Cattie.

Family time is always with other people can be very delightful. It's always great to see other people's expressions when catching a fish, specially on that last picture there...Heh.

Jay...I'll teach you how to make a nice "Chicken Live" Catfish dough later. You add a couple more things inside, and it doesn't smell bad as chicken liver does! (It will leave a certain texture in your hands, though).

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.