FishAThon 2012 - Team "Extreme Philly Fishing" Needs Your Help!

A while ago, I've started this Blog with the purpose of sharing information about my favorite sport: "Fishing." I decided from deep inside my heart that all contents would be available for all public, free of charge. I'm very happy about how things turned out. Thank you very much for reading the Blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it., I'm bringing you a post of great significance - something that involves me, my friends, you, your family, Philadelphia, USA...and so on! The truth is: we need your help!

Clockwise (starting at 12): Leo Sheng with a Flathead Catfish, Rob Zito with a Common Carp, Jay Daly with a Striped Bass, and Mike Hsiao with a Brown Trout - all of them "caught-and-released." Different names; styles; hobbies; backgrounds; jobs...but one mutual joy: fishing. United by it, they stand forth and true on their paths and objectives: educate and be educated - always while entertaining oneself.

We will fish the National FishAThon competition (September 7-8. For more information, click here), and despite results, we will show all Philadelphians how rich is the Schuylkill River, and how proud should we be for having such a River in the heart of "The City of Brotherly Love" - a treasure for fishermen and folks alike. Followingly, if not enough, we will emphasize how important is to respect and conserve Mother Nature, so future generations will be able to feel some of the same feelings of joy as we do.

Isn't this a part of the American dream, society, and the Constitution itself? - to fight for what is rightful and fair, so the new generations to come will have a better life to live and better joys to appreciate?

But "time is nothing but a face in the water" - in other words, it can do nothing but flow. And here are we, seems to me that some may have forgotten about that ideology, and others may have never learned whatsoever.

Team Extreme Philly Fishing is here to remind those who have forgotten, and talk to those who have never heard of it. Nature needs our help more than ever needed before. Humans brought the problems; humans should solve it (isn't this part of our identities and philosophy?). We believe that the FishAThon is an unique event that will help us spread our thoughts around.

We are mainly working on these problems...

--> Pollution/littering: Would you like if someone went to your house and littered around? Would you like if someone threw a piece of trash on your lawn? hurts my heart to see someone trashing the places that I fish, not to mention that the same is trashing fresh water, which just happens to be the same water that we use and drink! Bad habits are apt to bring certain kinds of destruction. If you don't like it done to you, don't perform it. The solution is simple: don't litter. People will love you more for not doing so, not to mention that you will set a good and noble example for everyone around. It's a habit that brings peace to oneself, and one's environment.

--> Overharvesting: Harvesting fish nowadays is not the same as harvesting fish centuries ago. Before, fish were abundant while fishermen were scarce. Now, it's quite the opposite. How many people have complained that fishing gets tough year-by-year? Our waters are no longer sustainable - there are too many fishermen for little fish. Next time someone takes a "biggie" home, try to think how many years did it take for that fish to grow to that size - maybe the fish is as old as the person is (or maybe even older)! Imagine if you saw 8 of them being taken away! 10! 20! It takes a long time for them to grow, but it takes very little to take them away. If you want to be able to catch good quality fish in the future (or even catch fish), never overharvest! Remember: follow the laws, and catch-and-release most of the fish you catch, taking only as much as you can eat. Humility and respect for life will only bring you peace of mind, not to mention that you are doing a great job for a John that will be born 50 years from now on.  

--> Selective Harvest: If you want that "rare catch," you will want to practice selective harvest. As the name implies, it's all about selection! Make the right choices - be wise: release fishes that are rare in the Rivers that you fish (excluding invasive Species); release small fish, so they can grow and reproduce; release "trophy fish," so they can give life to even BIGGER fish in the future. Keep only what you will eat - "thou should not waste." Wisdom will only enhance your life... 

Join us on our cause, guys!

The economy is tough, and so is life. However, if you can donate, be proud of yourself: click here, and perform a noble action by donating to our team [Extreme Philly Fishing]. Be aware that none of your money will be wasted - half of it will be shared around the country for projects that are beneficent for nature, and the other half will come directly to Pennsylvania. Set an example for others around - your family and kids - and be proud to tell everyone that you have contributed for a better environment, cultural development, and a better water quality for everyone!

If you can't donate, bear no shame! Spread the word around - help us with our cause; a good cause. Don't lose your heart, or your hope - believe in people, and always in their potential to change and adapt. By spreading the word around, you are raising your town's etiquette and quality! You are making it better for everyone!

Thank you for your patience, time, and comprehension.

Now, I'll dream of my dreams - and, of course, I'll fish tomorrow! =)

Team Extreme Philly Fishing - Mike H, Rob Z, Jay D, Leo S