End of April/Beginning of May Reports - April 20th-23rd

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Hello, readers!

I kind of realized that it's been a while since I've posted other people's reports. Therefore, I'm posting a selection of reports from the end of April until the beginning of May - which is actually the best time to fish fresh water (in my opinion). I have added my personal comments after the reports, and edited as well.

Most of the reports are of Mike (of course!), and I'll work on my own reports when I have time. I do have to work on my reports on Pennypack, Wissahickon, Cooper River Lake, Core's Creek, Hyde Lake Park, FDR Park, and so on...Lots of work to do now!

I'll start with my friend Mike's report for now...


Written by Mike Hsiao. - edited by Leo S.
Hey guys! I hit up the FDR Park (April 20th) and managed to snag a 6 lb 14 oz Carp, as well as this little shad looking fish, both under the bridge. I also hooked into a decent Bass, around 1.5 lbs, but it got off after a few seconds.

I had an interesting day at the Skuke (April 23rd) as well. First off, the water temp was 54 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to 68, only two days ago. The water was extremely turbulent (11,300 cfs) and the visibility was zero. I started off fishing my favorite lay down with a jig, with no success. Then, I moved to the dam and managed to get a bite on a drop shot, and a bite on the flick shake, but wasn't able to get a solid hook set.
Someone fishing near me caught a solid 24-inch Striper on a minnow, so I switched over to a Rapala x-rap.
Within 10 minutes, I hooked into a solid striper (24-26 inches), but it managed to
throw the hook when it jumped. Then, I snagged 3 Shads and took a picture of one. The biggest one was 2 lbs 4 oz and the one in the picture is 2 lbs. Lastly, I hooked a 4 lb Flathead (in the mouth!) using a strike king series 3 crank bait.
Pictures are below:

6 lb 14 oz carp

Little Shad

2lb Gizzard Shad at Schuylkill

4lb Flathead Catfish at Schuylkill

Thank you for your contribution, Mike! I always love how you write your reports and send them to me.

One of the main aspects that I like about Mike's writing is the way he details everything - type of bait, water aspects, sizes, and so on... I usually omit those, unless someone sends me an e-mail asking for a specific type of bait, etc. After all, I would hate to give tunnel vision to people that just started to fish. However, on the other hand, it's also important to give out hints on what to use - and that's what Mike does!

Congrats on your catches, Mike! Keep writing, and I'll keep posting (when I have time!). The same applies for everyone else - if you want your report posted here, just send me your report with pictures and everything else, and I'll read it; edit it; and post it.

Best of luck for everyone!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights, 


Leo S.