Merry Christmas, Philadelphians!

Merry Christmas, people!

Wish you all a good holiday season! I hope all of you can accomplish your future goals, and wish you all a joyous day.

Very short post today: just giving away some updates and previews of future posts.
Updates - Goals for next year
--> "Statistics Feature": It will start January 1st, 2012. I'll update (weekly) a little chart with names of different species, my PBs for the year, total lbs of fish caught, inches, etc. All fishes will be scientifically recorded past January 1st, meaning that I'll have all data to back up information.
--> "Portfolios": Starting next year, there are going to be more portfolios on the blog. It was mentioned before, but I'm emphasizing it. Portfolios from my friends, Pro's or people related to fishing, and even YOU - fisherman. If you want your portfolio posted here, send me some pictures and a 200-500 characters essay about your fishing life so far.

--> "Dedication": Next year there will be AT LEAST 1 update per week, meaning at least 4 topics per month. It has been really tough to work on the blog, hence I'm currently studying and working. Even though I have a great sense of passion for writing and fishing, it's still very hard to keep my life organized, and work on the Blog. I hope you all understand. If I had a lot of free time, I would be doing 15+ posts a month, since I have SO MANY THINGS I want to post!

--> "Expanding Horizons": Next year there WILL BE posts about location in NEW JERSEY, just 30 minutes away by public transportation from Philadelphia! In other words I'll be posting about other places than Philadelphia. However, this Blog will still focus 85% in Philadelphia. After all, those are the waters I fish the most! For Philadelphia, expect new reports on Crappies, Koi, Ghost Carps, Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass, etc.
Previews - Future Posts

Here are the next 3 posts (can't wait to write them. Just need time!):
--> December FAQ + Advices for Winter Fishing
--> Fall Striped Bass Run at the Schuylkill River
--> Portfolio on Mike Lee; a self-instructed Bass Fisherman

Enjoy your holidays!!

Hope we all catch a lot of fish in this holiday season;

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.


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