Changes, and more changes

Hello, readers!

It's a short post today, and it's more related to the blog than fishing. As the end of the year approaches, there will be some changes in this blog, as well as new "features."

- Every "end of the year" (December, probably), I will re-edit all posts of the year. In other words, I'll read every post that I wrote for the year, and perform changes to make the posts better: check for grammar and language; add information when necessary; exclude information out of context; check coherence and credibility; etc. I believe that editing is fundamental in writing, and writers should always check their writings after certain amounts of time. The first post of this year has already been edited.

- From now on, I'll start making more "Profile" posts. Either if it's a fishing buddy, a pro fisherman, or my neighbor (as far as it's connected to fishing!); the post will have detailed information on the person's life, achievements, etc.

- I've been receiving A LOT of questions in my e-mail, which is good! I always appreciate feedback. From now on, I'll create a post every month dedicated to FAQs (Frenquently Asked Questions). Names will not be exposed, and all questions will have to be related to fishing).

- You want to go out fishing with me? Great! You really don't need to be shy. Shoot an e-mail, and we will go IF you follow the rules! No fees, no charges, only entertainment! I'll post this announcement on the banner (--> right). The rules will be in my response e-mail, and it will be basically about fishing ethics. For example: I'll not take a person out if he/she harvests fish illegally.

Best luck for all of us!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.


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