It's Cold...So What?

It's what? Winter has finally arrived: the season when fishing is less productive for most fresh water species. Certain species of fish start to hibernate; others still bite with less frequency. But's not the end of the World, is it?

Here comes some tips for Winter time:

1. Trout/Salmon Fishing:

When all other species of fish "die", trout and salmon are there to save you! On the bottom of the temperature charts, they can be active in very low temperatures.

2. Carp Fishing:

Carps are active all year round. It's true that they are lethargic in Winter time; however, they don't "hibernate". Here goes some hints on Winter Carping:

3. Walleye Fishing:

Walleyes are active during cold seasons. For more information, I will post my post on Walleyes below:

Also, don't forget there are always options for Ice Fishing. A lot of species can be fished through ice, specially Yellow Perch and Crappies. I'll definitely do a post on Ice fishing once temperatures get below 32 degrees.

Well...People have been asking me through mail "what have we been up to?"

Therefore, I've decided to post a lot of pictures of our latest adventures, so the readers can see that we do fish during winter time (to make sure we don't stay home drinking hot chocolate all the time, huh?). When I say "we", I refer to my main fishing colleagues: RZ (Rob), NG (Nadir), SO (Steve), and MH (Mike Lee).

Okay... Time for some informal writing. There are a lot of scene pictures, and not so many fish pictures. I do apologize for that, since I know people are dying to see the fish! Hahaha.

Leo S.

My latest catch - A Pumpkin Seed from WallWorth Pond - NJ

Pumpkin Seed #2
Wallworth Pond - NJ. Went there today with Nadir to explore the area for next year.
It was pretty exciting. I didn't expect to catch any fish, but some Sunfish showed up.
Entrance to Wallworth Pond, which is also connected to the Evans Lake.

Part of the Cooper River in NJ. Since I went exploring the Wallworth Pond, I

decided to stop by and take a look at this body of water as well. Unfortunately,

I couldn't fish there today. We arrived at sunset, so I didn't have a lot of time to


Entrance of the Cooper River - NJ

Sunset at Cooper River (Sounds like Google Earth now, huh?)

I did a trip with SO to Atlantic City this Tuesday. This is a picture of the Bay - we were

forced to fish there for a good while, hence it started to rain REALLY BAD.

A picture of the water at the Bay. So clear, isn't it? Must be even more beautiful on

Summer time.

We were forced to fish under a bridge due to the rain.

Another picture of the Bay. Gorgeous! These are all good spots for next year.

A picture of the beach. We fished at the surf for a good while without much success. We did see people getting average size Striped Bass.

Beautiful waves, beautiful day (until the afternoon)

I went to Core's Creek in Bucks County a while ago. Landed a few Carps over there

(very special ones, by the way - gorgeous ones). I'll save the pictures for a future post.

The Core Creek's Park closes at Sunset. Therefore, I took this picture when I was about

to leave.

My spot for Carp. I'll definitely go back there next year.

I did a trip a while ago with SO and RZ. It was cold by that time already. We were fishing

by the rocks, on the left side of the Schuylkill River (Center City as point of reference).

A beautiful picture of the Fairmount Dam from above Fisherman Statue.


NG - Nadir G.


Poor NG says it's too cold for him to fish already. I guess he can't stand the weather - nothing wrong with that! So, for now, this is what he's been "fishing" at home...


MH - Mike Lee


A little Largemouth he caught in Maryland, just a week ago or so. MH went to Maryland for his vacation, leaving us here in Philly =/. However, I'm very happy for him - he's been able to fish all the places that he couldn't fish for a while.

Snagging a sunfish with a lure! Very weird catch. 1. The lake is full of Sunfish/2. MH is very lucky/3. The Sunfish thought the lure was his brother?!

An original "Netfish" caught by HM. Another very weird catch...

A very bad quality picture, but that's MH with his first Hybrid Bass (Striped vs White) from the Schuylkill River. This was when temperatures started to drop.

Another authentic and original catch: a "Rodfish" directly from the FDR park, before MH went to Maryland. Weirdddd....

MH fishing at the Fairmount Dam

MH holding a very nice and healthy Largemouth Bass, caught in Maryland a couple weeks ago.

A Striped Bass caught at the Schuylkill River, not long ago.

I'm not going to comment a lot on the three pictures below, hence I have a "Striped Bass Fall Run" post coming up. However, I will just say that they were caught not long ago. MH is quite the catcher, huh? He surely has the skills and determination to stay out there when it's cold!


SO - Stephen O'T.


Steve fishing at the Bay in NJ. He didn't have a lot of lucky lately with fish, but he's very determined to continue through the whole winter season. I'm sure the "Fishing God" (if one exists. lol) is going to reward him hard for his efforts, seriously.

Steve surf fishing

Fishing at the rocks, on the other side of the Art Museum.

Close-up view: seems that SO is checking his rod, huh?


RZ - Rob Z. Loco


The place Rob has been fishing in Connecticut. This is another one that left us here in Philly for his wild adventures in his hometown. Beautiful creek, huh?

Another beautiful photo of the creek.

Notice how the water runs nicely from the ripples from the picture. I'm certainly dying to fish there next year, once I have enough time to travel around.

A 5.5 inch Fallfish inside the Trout's belly! How come we don't find this kind of stuff in Philadelphia, huh? I guess the trout there are REALLY wild. Haha

A nice picture of one of RZ's catches.

Finally, the Gansta with his catch.

A big and beautiful Trout! The quality can certainly be seen by its shape and size.

God...look at those red dots in its body! And the golden color! Beautiful! RZ certainly had a good time there...

Say hi to Mister Trouty

According to Rob, a "Dace/Minnow" fish. Regardless of its species, it's still fish.

Here comes its brother (maybe sister).

Finally, a picture of RZ with his Striped Bass from the Schuylkill River. Many thanks to him; after all, he's the one that gave me legal samples of Walleyes and Striped Bass for testing. Notice that the Walleye and the Striped Bass came back with a modest concentration of Pcb, a chemical known to cause cancer in human beings. This is something I forgot to comment in a previous post, and I'll definitely emphasize it on the future Striped Bass post.

Many thanks to my friends for sending me these pictures, so I could post it there.

Many thanks to the readers that are "active" in this Blog - the people that send me questions and comments through e-mail.

Also, please subscribe to the Blog if you are a constant reader. I DO NOT plan to monetize this blog, or use it for any finantial means. It's the opposite: I want subscribers/e-mailers because one of the features for next year will be a "monthly draw" for subscribers/e-mailers. The prizes will be mainly lures, and other kinds of fishing equipment. They will all be "4.5/5 stars" voted items, and their quality will be mostly superior to other products! I'll update my previous post and add this information later on.

Many thanks to my friends, as always!

Best of luck for all of us!

Long days and pleasant nights,


Leo S.


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