Visiting the Wissahickon with Nightcrawlers

I had the guts to go fishing at the Wissahickon yesterday morning, even knowing that the weather was not really good and reliable. I packed my equipment, and stuffed my bag with nightcrawlers, willing to get some bass or trout at the Wiss.

I arrived there at 9 a.m.. First, I hit the big and high dam right next to the Wissahickon Transfer Center. Equipped my rod with a size 10 hook, and a float (no weight). The sunfish were hitting the nightcrawlers like nuts! In less than 10 minutes, I got more than 20 sunfish. However, nothing extremely big.

After noticing that I wouldn't get anything big at the first dam yesterday, I walked up to the second dam. There, the sunfish proved to be a big bigger, but not as big as I've fished them there before. Also, I ended the day with two Smallmouth Bass, and a few Rock Bass (nothing really big, really).

Despite the lack of big fish, I have decided to post the pictures because the fish there are just BEAUTIFUL, gorgeous! Despite their size, they are extremely pretty.

Unfortunately, it started to rain not long after I arrived. I have to pack my equipment quickly, and run to the bus station. It ended up being a nice day, though - at least I got some fish.

The First dam

The Second dam

Above the second dam - notice how the water there is forming a whirlpool. Fish tend to swim in them.

One of the biggest sunfish of the day, which disappointed me. However, it's extremely beautiful!

One of the two Smallmouth Bass - also very small.

A picture of the Rock Bass, one of my favorite fish in Philadelphia. I LOVE the color of its eyes.

Another Rock Bass, a little bit chubbier, but still small.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take more pictures of the other fish due to the rain. I fished only for 35 minutes, and I'm sure I could have gotten something bigger if I stayed longer. However, the rain was just pouring, and I got soaked wet - even though I was under a tree.

Best luck for all of us!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights


Leo S.


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