Another Muddy day at the Schuylkill Banks

Yesterday was another weird day at the Schuylkill Banks: scattered thunderstorms during the day, and a muddy river with altered current.

It was pretty interesting. It started raining at 10 in the morning, and stopped at 11. Then, started again 3 in the afternoon, with some thundering and lightning, and stopped once again at 5:30 p.m.. Once the rain stopped, the river started to get turbulent at 6 p.m., and water levels started to rise above the maximum level of high tide. The flow became so strong that my 1oz sinker wasn't even hitting the bottom of the river...that's how bad it was!

Highlights of the day goes to my beautiful yellow perch; my friend NG's big Catfish; and a 15lb+ Flathead Catfish that I lost right in front of me - it snapped my hook, and swam away. I caught that one purely by accident, on a size #4 hook. I actually hooked an American Eel on a Nightcrawlers, and the Flathead ate the whole Eel. Funny, isn't it? Fishing is just like life: we never know what may happen! Since I lost it, I don't really have any pictures of it. You will have to take my word. =)

Pictures are below:

Beautiful Yellow Perch caught under the Walnut Street bridge

My friend NG holding his big Catfish. Please, don't mind his creepy face in this picture - he was too excited with the fish! =)

Best luck for all of us!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.


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