Bass Expertise - Catching a 6lb+ Bass in Bucks County

It's been a while since I really wanted to write an article on "Christopher Eife" - a friend I first met on PAC (Philadelphia Anglers Club). While my fishing is not specialized in Bass fishing, Chris' expertise is in catching Bass in and near Philadelphia. Knowing that many people in Philly are just CRAZY about getting Bass (after all, their top water fights can be extremely entertaining and powerful), I finally decided asking him for permission to write and publish a small blog article on him. Therefore, with his okay, I hope you all enjoy the post below. Now it's not about me: it's about Chris!

Chris E. is certainly one of the most adventurous fisherman I ever met. When it comes to exploring new places, adventuring oneself into unknown waters and unexpected spots - Chris is absolutely the best shot. Don't ever be surprised if you encounter him at places you never thought you would because it's possible! As a matter of fact, there's a picture below that portraits him in a very excluded area - what seems to be a pillar of support that belongs to a bridge. It's common and logical to think that the best fish should be always in the most remote locations; places that people don't usually go or fish.

Recently, Chris achieved something that I've been longing to post here in this Blog: he fished a 6lb+ Bass near Philadelphia (In Bucks County).'s well known in the United States of America that many of its watersheds can breed "trophy fish"; "trophy Bass". However, specifically around Philadelphia, I've been longing to see some Big Bass! Chris is here to prove to you that it's possible to fish a good sized Bass without travelling too far.

According to him, he caught his six pounder on a stick worm, on waters close to Northeast Philadelphia (the location is a secret. Sorry, people!). However, he had seen the Bass before. The Largemouth Bass was officially caught and pictured on August 12Th. However, he had seen the fish on July 30Th, when his friend "had something extremely huge on". All it took was to wait a little bit of time (a matter of a couple days), and go back to that spot. The Bass was definitely hungry for his lure...

Below are some pictures of CE with his fish. Enjoy!

His PB (personal best) Largemouth Bass. Surely a monster considering the size of a regular Bass around here.

CE holding a Catfish somewhere; Lord knows where. When it comes to adventure, as I mentioned before, he's #1.

CE with another good sized Largemouth Bass.

CE with a Largemouth Bass, directly from a creek.

There's certainly a huge variety of species around us... and Bass is absolutely one of them.

Best of luck for all of us, and for CE as well!

Long days and pleasant nights,


Leo S.


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