Recent Oil Spill on the Schuylkill River (Philadelphia, PA)

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I am sure that many of you have already heard about the oil spill on the Schuylkill River. If not, here are the news for it.

The oil leak on the Schuylkill River (January 24th, 2016)

I was fishing there three days ago (Sunday). I saw the red stuff. The place smelled like fuel. Folks stopped by to ask what was the red stuff on the ice. It just so happens that us anglers are usually the first ones to notice these things; after all, we are always on the water.

I noticed that there was some oily material in the water since Friday of last week. I contacted a person from the SRDC, who told me that it was very likely "something coming through the Samson St. sewer outlet." We both didn't imagine that it would be so bad! Sunday, firefighters came down to check it out while I was fishing. Monday, things were already extremely bad and the whole place was closed down.

I just hope that these 250 gallons didn't cause too much damage. The Schuylkill River has a history of pollution due to industrial waste and it has been recovering for the past century or so. Hopefully its recovery will stay strong!

Needless to say, don't forget to report anything suspicious in your local body of water as soon as you see it! Things like this heating oil spill on the Schuylkill or the Chlorine leak at Round Meadow Run are things that kill our fishes and destroy the ecosystem.

Below are a few extra photos of the oil spill:

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