Recent Updates and Future Blog Changes

Hello, Blog Readers!

Today I'm bringing you folks my recent updates. Even though I haven't done much work on the Blog itself, I've been catching up with the Facebook Page and my Google+ account. Thankfully, I'm a little bit less outdated than before. Heh. So, here we go:

1. Youtube Channel:

I have uploaded 2 videos during the past month:

An eleven minute video of my Micro/Multi-Species fishing at Wallworth Lake, Haddonfield, NJ. If you get too bored watching the whole thing, the video description on Youtube gives you the "catching" time of each fish on the video.

A short video of my friends Jimmie D. and Matt M. catfishing on the new Schuylkill Banks boardwalk (Locust to South st.). The Boardwalk offers access to new spots and new structure on the Schuylkill River!

2. "Master Species" Album:

After a good while, I finally updated my Master Species Album in three different locations. You guys can see it in the following links:

-- My google+ account (you may also add me and follow me there, if you wish. Google+ will notify you of every update on the Blog).

-- My personal Facebook profile (friend me if you want; however, let me know who you are in advance. In other words, send me a message on Facebook or on the EPF FB Page).

-- The EPF FB Page.

The albums portray all the different Species of fish that I've cataloged during the past 3 years, resulting in 64 documented Species of fish (including Hybrids, excluding mutations). There is one photo for each Species of fish, and each photo shows the date and the location of the catch. Enjoy!

The biggest updates recently have been on the EPF Facebook Page. 

During the past two weeks, I have organized more than 2000 photos, and added more than 500 photos in the EPF FB page, including individual albums for each Species of fish; a special Species folder portraying my father's catches in the USA; and an album for interesting photos -- named "Things that you don't see when you stay at home.

Each Species folder portray the targeted Species of fish caught at different locations, not to mention that there's only 1 photo per location. Therefore, for example, if I wanted to know more about Channel Catfish, I would have gone to its folder to see where it has been caught before. Also, as an extra, each photo has the date of the catch.

The "Things that you don't see when you stay at home" folder portrays all kinds of interesting things that I've seen during my fishing adventures in and around Philadelphia. It includes some bizarre photos of unexpected stuff, photos of different types of biodiversity (i.e. birds, insects), and photos of scenery and fishing friends. Each photo has a little description of it.

For those who have liked the Facebook Page, I appreciate all the recent patience with each update! After all, I'm pretty sure that the Facebook company sends out one "beep" notification for every little upload. 

If you are not familiar with the Facebook page yet, please keep in mind that it's currently the most updated one among my fishing pages! Not only I check its messages on a daily basis, but I also post actively on it every week. Thus, the best way of contacting me at the moment is through the EPF FB page.

Also, watch out for events! Before Christmas, I plan to at least hold one more event on the EPF FB Page -- probably a group dining party after thanksgiving.

4. The Blog:

I've recently updated my fishing log post on the Blog. I've uploaded the locations, date, and catches of all my fishing sessions from July of 2013 to August of 2014, not to mention that I also added a couple extra pointers on how to keep a nice fishing log. You can click on the link above for it, or you may click on the "My Basic Fishing Log" link on the right side tab of the Blog.

There's a new introductory post on the right tab of the Blog: the Cooper River! In that post, I introduce readers to two different spots in the Cooper River watershed in NJ: the Cooper River Lake, which is located in Camden; and the Upper Cooper River, which is located in Haddonfield. The post also contains a couple photos on "fish coloration." The hidden question portrayed was: "Is fish coloration influenced by water conditions and water temperature?" the post and find out. Heh. 

I've also updated an old post on contaminants and fish consumption related to the Schuylkill River. You can access it here. I've thrown away the broken links and added a photo of what "Yellow Boy" looks like. I've also changed the font and the format of the page, fixed some grammar, etc. Enjoy!

I've also finished up the fishing sessions on the previous post, up to August 31st (Newton Lake and Newton Creek). From now on, each fishing session will be posted separately -- as a single post. The reason is simple: it makes the search button on the Blog more useful! In other words, it prevents showing a post with tons of fishing sessions for one key word.

Lastly, I've answered all the e-mails that I've received on my g-mail account. If you haven't gotten an answer, I apologize: please, resend me your question and I'll answer it ASAP. Also, while it's true that I check my FB page daily, I'm making my gmail my official contact source again. Thus, for anything, please send an e-mail to ""

5. New Local Fishing Sources:

-- My friend Marc C. opened a new Fishing Page on Facebook. If you have time, click here to check it out. 
-- As always, Brinkman's Bait and Tackle offers local fishing reports here
-- It's been a little bit slow for my friend Chris E.; however, his fishing Page is still up on FB! To check it out, click here.
-- Local trophy hunter Chris McIntee closed his Seamoneyfishing website; however, he did start a Blog and a FB page. His Youtube Channel is still up as well. 
-- My good buddy Mike Hsiao has been doing GREAT in Ohio and Maryland, and he may be coming back to Philly! For all those who are not familiar with him, click here to know more about Ninja Mike.

Thank you very much for every one's patience and comprehension! Despite the lack of time, I am actually very glad that the Blog and FB Page will continue to portray fishing in and around Philadelphia! Remember: it all boils down to S.A.F.E. angling (Sustaining Angling, Fish, and Ecosystems).

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.