Collection of Pictures from the Haddon Lake in NJ

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As promised in the last post, a little collection of other catches from Haddon Lake, NJ. There have been other catches, but I don't really have the pictures in my hands...Basically, it's all about LMB, Rainbow Trout, Calico Bass (Black Crappie), and Chain Pickerel (Mike's the only one who landed it so far. Tsk tsk tsk...)

Rob's Rainbow Trout. He nailed quite a couple over there, but this is the only decent picture that I have of it. Steve was able to land a spawning one as well! Impressive, Steve! Keep going...

Mike's Chain Pickerel. If I remember correctly, it was around 24 inches. Note the bloody marks on its tail. It always made me wonder: what kind of fish has guts to "snack" on this one?! It has to be at least similar in size! Incredible! I can't wait until I catch one...

Mike with a "medium" sized Large Mouth Bass from Haddon.

Mike with a "small" sized Large Mouth Bass from Haddon. Very pretty, and healthy as well! The lateral line is beautiful.

Mike's PB at Haddon so far: a 3lb "big" Large Mouth Bass. Even so, there have been rumors of 5-6 pounders at Haddon. I'm sure Mike will bring us more images of LMB during the summer (bigger ones too), fruits of his favorite target.

And another healthy one.

Best luck for all of us! The odds are proportional to the weather! Now that the weather is good, chances of catching bigger ones are higher as well. Watch out for the laws/rules in terms of harvesting, and spawning season, and everything will be okay!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.