Patapsco River and Lake Kittamaqundi - Fishing Away from Home (MD)

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Hey, People!

I decided to do a quick post on my fishing sessions in Maryland, even though it's far away from Philly. I went there to see my friend Mike (aka: Lee), and guess what? We decided to fish.

We decided to hit the Lake Kittamaqundi on Tuesday. We fished there for a couple hours, under brutal conditions: temperatures below 32F (according to the weather site, "feels like 15F"), wind, and even some snow. Although it was very cold, and the water surface temperature was 33F, Mike was still able to land 20+ Crappies that day! As for me, I finished the day with zero fish. Actually, I finished the day with one Sunfish! Can't say I got skunked...
Mike was jigging a grub with a float, and his technique was very accurate under windy conditions. I tried many different approaches, such as trout magnet, nightcrawlers, and even the SAME grub, but no results! It took me a while to realize that the main factor that made Mike's rig so powerful was the fact that the grub action was performed horizontally due to the jig head, and not vertically as attached to a regular hook. In other words, the depth of the water varied slightly under motion with Mike's rig. This was very good empirical data for future fishing adventures.

Pictures of the first day are below:

Mike's using his technique to get his float under the dock.

A beautiful photo taken at the docks at Lake Kittamaqundi.

Mike holding one of his Crappies, dressed heavily due to the weather.

The second day, we decided to be a little bit smarter, and fish fish that would actually bite good in cold weather. As temperatures on Wednesday stayed below 32F, we went Trout-fishing at the Patapsco River.

The second day was a blast! Mike hooked three fish, and landed three. I hooked three, but landed only one. One of them unhooked itself right in front of me, and the third one snapped my line, hence the line was merged with ice (frozen by the air). On the third day, Mike hooked one, and I left empty-handed. I wasn't able to take any pictures of my fish, but I'm proudly posting Mike's photos below.

The Patapsco River was a very pleasant experience, since I had a chance to wade in the River. Also, the quality of the water was just top: crystal clear. We fished there with nightcrawlers, spinners, and some other lures. Overall, it was a very successful experience.
Mike with his Rainbow Trout

A photo of the Old Dam at Patapsco River.

Mike wading in the River. Notice the depth of the water, and the speed of the current.

Mike holding another Rainbow Trout.

Mike's Brown Trout - 16 inches, 1lb+

The only fish we saw at the third day (Thursday) - a Brown Trout caught by Mike.

Best of luck for all of us, specially in this CRAZY Winter season... I remember how I was freezing by this time last year.

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.