Funny Online Fishing "Mini-games"

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Hello, Readers!

I was looking through my e-mails today, when I found a website with "fishing mini-games". Since it's extremely cold outside these days, I thought: "why not sharing it with my readers, right?". With the games' hyperlinks, I'll add my personal comments to make the post more interesting.

The games are often silly and time consuming; however, they are quite interesting on their own. At least you get to see some fish, huh? Hahaha.

You are a Crappie swimming up to your spawning grounds! However, you start spotting fishing hooks on your way. Your objective is to reach there without getting caught. If you do, let's hope Mark is not hungry. hahaha

Not related to the game...
Note that Crappies are usually very hard to be found. Unless in spawning season, they move constantly and frequently along the day. Also, depth is a big deal when fishing for Crappies - the right depth will land fish! If you are interested in real Crappie fishing, look for ponds/lakes/rivers with a limited amount of Crappies in it - that's where you will find the big ones! In places where they are overpopulated, the population of Crappies gets stunt, not reaching big quality sizes.

You are a little amateur fisherman in company of your expert friend. Read the instructions for more details. If you beat anyone in the top 10, you will have my respects for the day!

Not related to the game...
Amateur fisherman don't usually realize it, but there's a big difference between reeling in a fish or a piece of garbage. However, even pro fisherman have difficulties at certain times identifying if it's a fish or a piece of trash. Specially when fishing for Eels and Carp, fisherman have often thought of getting a huge piece of log rather than a fish. Not all fish fight at all...

You certainly need fish to survive in this deserted island. Good luck catching them all!

Not related to the game...
Jigging is one of the most effective techniques for attracting fish! Lately, it became an art with all the Bass and Walleye tournaments in the country. Isn't it hard to believe that a couple twitches here and there can attract fish to bite lures that do not resemble natural bait-fish? There are lures that resemble natural bait fish (a huge collection on Shad); however, there are some that do not resemble anything AT ALL! With the jigging technique, everything becomes possible... 

Go get' em! You got 5 lures, so don't waste it. Try to not cast on the rocks, or let the fish swim under your boat.

Not related to the game...
The drag pressure is very important for any fisherman. Any angler that is willing to catch big fish has to know the limits within a certain reel, and how good that drag can work. Knowing the art of setting the drag is very important! A person that knows about drags can fish a huge fish with a small drag and lots of line, and even perform essential maneuvers with heavy line.

Enjoy the games, people! As for me, I'll be fishing again tomorrow...

Best of luck for all of us!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.