Atlantic City Boat Show and the 2012 Garden State Outdoor Sportsmen's Show

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Hello, Readers! Today's post is not exactly about fishing, but about two awesome events that I would recommend to the public: the Atlantic City Boat Show, which will be happening on 1-5th of February in Atlantic City; and the 2012 Garden State Outdoor Sportsmen's Show, which is happening RIGHT NOW - from the 12-15th of January, at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, NJ.

I've heard about them through friendly e-mails, checked their official websites, and concluded that they are events worth of your money. As a matter of fact, they are yearly events that are extremely cheap for the amount of events they have: 

Atlantic City Boat Show:
$14 dollars for adults (15 and younger - Free with an adult admission). Note: perfect for bringing kids, and have a good family time.

2012 Garden State Outdoor Sportsmen's Show:
$12 dollars at door, $10 dollars online (Note: if you buy a ticket ONLINE, you will get a nice discount for a 1 year subscription to certain magazines related to wild life. Field and Stream is included in the options!)

You can buy tickets online on the websites below:
Atlantic City Boat Show:
2012 Garden State Outdoor Sportsmen's Show:

Note: I'm not making any profit or gaining any benefits for advertising these events. I'm doing it by my own will, since I think they are both entertaining and informative to the public. Rather than advertising it, I'm recommending it to the public.

As you all should know, I would never recommend anything without first having knowledge about it. The official websites for both events are below, together with a link to their attractions:

Atlantic City Boat Show:
2012 Garden State Outdoor Sportsmen's Show:

If you have kids, these two events are ideal for some good family time. They have a lot of attractions where the public can interact and participate; tons of information on wildlife and nature; events related to fishing; etc.

I'll let your curiosity lead the way...Enjoy! And best of luck for all of you, if you are still planning on fishing...

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.