Trying the PennyPack once again...

Around a month ago (09/05/11), I had decided to try the Penny Pack for Trout again. It ended up being a failure, but I certainly had fun that day...

I fished there with my friend NG from morning until afternoon. It was still warm at that time (compared to today - so cold!), and it was very pleasant outside. The Pennypack was a little bit flooded, but it wasn't muddy. Also, the flow rate of the water wasn't very high.

We fished for 3-4 hours on worms, wishing to get some leftover trout, and ended up getting the fishes below:

The same species of fish that I found at the Ridley Park Lake. I'm assuming that this is a Carp fingerling, but I'll make sure and let you guys know in the future. UPDATE: This is actually a small Golden Shiner. "It grows up to 12 inches, but it's usually smaller". Thanks, AN.

A beautiful Pumpkin Seed. This species of fish are always beautiful when they come from creeks.

A Smallmouth Bass at the PennyPack - Dam next to Axe Factory Road. Surely a nice discovery for me. I knew that the PennyPack had Largemouth there, but I never had a chance to presence a Smallmouth Bass.

And a small Largemouth Bass to end the photo section.

I ended that day catching more than 40 sunfish there. Even though there wasn't anything big, it was still a lot of fun due to the constant action. Like I said in previous posts, fishing is always an adventure: nobody knows what will come up next.

Best of luck for all of us!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.


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