3 in 1 - Fish Fest/Fisherman Statue/Walnut Bridge

Hello, Blog Readers!

I'm bringing you guys today 3 posts in 1, since I haven't had time to update the Blog at all. I'm actually quite surprised that I still have time to work on the Blog, since college is being pretty rough on me. I guess it's all about making time! =)

--- October 2nd, 2011 ---

I went fishing with Rob Z. and Nadir G. at the Walnut Street bridge, on the Schuylkill Banks. Sometimes it's nice to fish alone -- calm, peaceful; however, fishing with friends can also be lots of fun.

For this time of the year, the weather was pretty chilly already! You guys can even see my friend Nadir G. wearing some heavy clothes.
Fishing was okay -- we finished the day with some good Channel Catfish, as well as other Species of fish (photos are below).

Here's an extra -- my friend Nadir G. filmed me catching a fish on September 18th. He loves to film around, seriously...

I have to say that his videos always crack me up! Hahaha. I always end up laughing after watching them. They are low-quality; totally home-made and unexpected; however, that's why they are so much fun. 
Pictures of the different species of fish are below:
Young Channel Catfish from the Schuylkill River

Nice White Perch from the Schuylkill River

Good old Bluegill =)

Rob Z. with a small Striped Bass

Same fish, another angle.

Same fish, another angle. Caught on a piece of nightcrawler.

--- October 9th, 2011 ---

I decided to go fishing with a friend at the "Fisherman Statue" portion of the Schuylkill River (close to the Fairmount Dam). As you can see below, it's a very nice environment to fish at, not to mention that you can have a wonderful view of the Fairmount Dam.

I ended the day with a couple Channel Catfish (Biggest at 4.2lb), and a lot of small Stripped Bass. This is, indeed, a good surprise. After all, it truly proves that some of the Striped Bass that do the run on Spring and Fall have really adapted to fresh water over the years. They are all lurking around the dam now. =)

Pictures are below:
Channel Catfish caught at the fisherman statue.

This spot is definitely a good spot to fish at! It's closer to the Fairmount Dam, meaning that there are other Species of fish lurking around. Also, the surroundings are very nice.

The only problem with this spot is the number of snags. There are only a couple areas there that are "snag free." =/

During Fall, the small Striped Bass start to feed very aggressively. Sometimes one can catch 20-30 at a time. Chicken livers under a float is a good technique to catch them. Small in-line spinners and minnows will also work!

Good Cattie. =)

--- October 8th, 2011 ---

After a long time, the date of the Philly Fishing Fest finally arrived! The Fish Fest is an event that happens yearly on the Schuylkill Banks -- every Fall. For more details, you can click here.

If you missed it this year, don't panic! There will be one next year, and so on. The best way for you to know when is it going to be is to subscribe to the Schuylkill Banks website using the link above. The webmaster will eventually send you e-mails about different events on the Schuylkill Banks, which is nice and informative.

Here is a link for more pictures (other than the ones below) on the Fish Fest that happened this year. There's also a video on that webpage that is pretty neat! You should definitely check it out.

My friend Nadir G. did a fun video of me getting some action there (again -- Hilarious!):
Photos of the event are below:

Best of luck for all of us!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.