Last trip to the Wissahickon this year

Quick post today; also a late post! I'm still not back on schedule with this blog yet, hence I have lots of work to do for college. I hope you guys understand that my schedule lately is pretty tight to keep my hobbies going on. However, since this blog is not about my life, let's jump to the fishing!

Last month, specifically 09/17 (Saturday), I went to the Wissahickon one last time before Late Fall to do a species survey. After all, I wanted to get there before water temperatures dropped below 60F (15.5 C), which is my own temperature line division between warm and cold gamefish. My goal was to catch any kind of Trout, plus research other few species in the river (specially the Koi).

I arrived there with my friend NG (which by now, you guys should be familiar with. I'm most of the time with this adventurous kid) in the morning, next to the Chestnut Hill College, far up East Falls. We went there by public transportation: bus L, from Olney Transportation Center, which is conveniently reachable using the Broat Street line (Orange Line).

It was my first time engaging at this part of the Creek; therefore, I was excited to see what was there (as always). I was expecting tons of sunfish (it was still warm at that time), maybe a Trout, and some other Panfish species. My highest expectations were to see Hybrid Carp swimming around; specially the Koi.

This portion of the Creek was really great! It has many slow pools for Sunfish and Trout to gather, fast currents for Bass, and short dams that make good spots. Also, the Creek is not very wide; in other words, a fisherman can easily cast a lure (and even a fly) to the other side of the creek (which is a good spot).

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get far enough to see any Koi swimming in the creek. I did see one Common Carp feeding at a certain portion of the creek, 6-8lb by naked eye (which means is not accurate). I saw a couple Trouts swimming by, but none of them bit on my lures.

I stopped at many different locations to test my lures, and fish on nightcrawlers. I finished the day getting three different species of fish there (All small): Rock Bass, Redbreast Sunfish, and a Smallmouth Bass.

Pictures are below, and they are ALL CUTE! These little fish pictures never cease to warm my heart. My aquarium is arriving shortly; therefore, I'll have it set for next Spring. Hopefully I'll catch some pretty small sunfish to have as pet.

Rock Bass

Redbreast Sunfish

Smallmouth Bass

Another picture of a Redbreast sunfish, hence the first was blurred.

Best of luck for all of us, specially the ones who are daring enough to start fishing at this season of the year! (I AM)

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.


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