Surrounded by Carp and Catfish at Kelly Drive

Hello, Readers! I wanted to post this last post of the month with the title of "Carp Frenzy at Kelly Drive", but a friend cracked me up with the title "Surrounded by Carp"... Therefore, there we go!

I decided to make the last day of the month a trip to Kelly Drive, looking for some Carp.

I arrived there at 6 a.m., and started promptly at 6:11a.m. The weather was good, and the spawning activity was low compared to the days before. I REALLY REALLY hoped for a good day, and the God of fish (lol) didn't disappoint me!

The first fish came 7:13a.m.: a small 3.5lb catfish. Of course I was a bit disappointed it wasn't a carp, but a fish is still a fish. As far as something bites, and there's action, then it's good!

The second fish came at 7:32a.m. - a 16.2lb Common Carp! It's size is above average for that section of the non tidal Schuylkill, and this one pulled an INCREDIBLE fight! Maybe it was because of the lower temperature, or maybe because he ate good...I don't know. However, it took me 25 minutes to get it outside of the water. I took a couple pictures, and put it back.

The third fish (and second carp) came shortly after, 8:01 a.m. It was slightly thinner than the first one (this one was 15.5lb), but it put a good fight as well as the first one. I was thrilled by then, and satisfied already. These two fish alone were my day already.

The fourth fish was a small 11lb Common Carp (9:08a.m.), followed by a 5lb catfish (9:41a.m.). After that, I landed two more carps (10lb - 10:39a.m., and 8lb - 12:00p.m.) and one more catfish (12:58p.m.).

After all these, I was so satisfied that I packed my stuff and went home! Absolutely no better way of ending a month! The pictures are below: please, don't criticize the lack of quality because I had no one to take pictures for me. I wanted to make them quick, and just show the fish; so I could put them back in the water as soon as possible. I guess that carp the other day scared me quite a bunch when it took it quite a while to revive and swim away. Anyways...Enjoy!

16.2lb. Biggest one of the day.








Best of luck for ALL OF US!

And hopefully next month will be better than this month...


Leo S.


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