The Monster of Wissahickon Creek

Hello, Readers!
In theory, every body of water with some aquatic life has its own monster: the "biggest" fish in it, or the most exotic fish. A small creek, a big lake, turbulent rivers, reservoirs: every place with fishes consequently has a "King". Myself, I've heard many stories of big fish under dams; some others hidden between structure or cover; under bridges; and in reality, I've seen some myself!
Last time, I saw a monster Rainbow Trout at PennyPack Creek that was at least 2lb, which is very uncommon for that creek (unless it's a Palomino). The PA fish and boat commission rarely stocks Trout that are bigger than 1lb in the Pennypack Creek. That huge Rainbow Trout followed my spinner 2 times, carefully analyzing it while following it. That fish was so sharp! Such a wariness! And the most interesting fact is that the Trout was hiding under a bridge (close to Verree, actually), swimming back and forth every time I threw my Spinner. That monster just wouldn't knew that the spinner was "an anomaly." Maybe that fish is still there nowadays... 
Anyways...It was this morning, while I was fishing at a certain portion of the Wissahickon Creek, that I saw a "monster fish." It was a yellow Carp (at the beginning I thought it was a Koi), and it looked very similar to an Ogon Carp. It surely looked like a "King" for its exotic features: it had 2 other common carps by its side (Black-colored), and all three of them were suspending on top of the water - perhaps sunbathing. The quality of the picture is not really good due to the quality of the camera and the reflection of the water. However, I can assure (by experience) you that this fish is at least 15lb, considering the size of its girth and the length of its body by naked eye. Not only that, it truly looks like one of the 7 Carp Kings - the "legendary" Ghost Carp. It amazes me to see that there's such a big and rare fish at the Wissahickon Creek, and I surely wish to catch it one day (hopefully)! I'll give it a shot on that spot one of these days, if this monster stays around this portion of the creek.

The "legendary" Ghost Carp, one of the Seven Carp Kings (Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Fully Scaled Mirror Carp, Koi, Ghost Carp, Linear Carp, Leather Carp).

Anyways... Today was not very productive - I ended up the day with one 4.7lb Common Carp on the corn after 3 hours of fishing, in the morning. This carp almost dragged my rod inside the water, hence I wasn't paying attention at that moment. After this incident, I've decided to always tie my rods to some sort of rope, so they don't start disappearing or flying away (Update: note that nowadays I use fishing rod-holders). Hehe

Stay tuned for more updates, people!

Best of luck for all of us.

Long days and pleasant nights.

Leo S.