Field Trip: 02/28 - Visiting the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow (Oaks, PA)

Hello, Blog Readers!

It's been quite a while, right? Pretty much one month since my last update here on the Blog! Well...for starters, here are my latest updates:

-- Uploaded a new Multi-Species video on my Youtube Channel. Yes -- I finally took the time to make another photo compilation for my up to date Species list. Now I am at 64 different Species of fish (in and around Philadelphia). I've embedded the video below:

64 Species of fish and ongoing. This year I am planning to spike that number to 80+. :)

I've also updated the Species hyperlink on the right side of the tab (first link under popular hyperlinks).

-- I've finally added and fixed descriptions for all of my videos on my Youtube Channel. I've also linked videos to their relevant fishing sessions on the Blog. Also, I've officially purchased a GoPro 3 and once it arrives, I will be taping all of my fishing sessions for this year. :) So, keep yourself updated in that department.

-- A couple more photos were added to the Facebook Public Fishing Album. As a reminder, anyone can submit photos to that folder! If interested, please click here for more information.'s my field trip report for February 28th: 

I attended the Greater Philadelphia Outdoors Expo with my friend Bryan KL and his kids. For those who are not familiar with "Expos," just keep in mind that the whole event is a combination of entertainment, local fishing industry, national fishing industry and small fishing businesses. Bigger expos tend to also offer some food shacks and educational seminars. will have a better idea after you go through the photos! So, photos are below:

One of the most entertaining activities at the Philadelphia Greater Outdoors Expo was the Trout tank! For a small fee, kids could pick a rod and catch their own Rainbow Trout (CPR only, though). To make the event even more fun, the organizers placed a couple Golden Rainbows (Oncorhynchus mykiss mutation) among the regular fish! Now...I didn't see any of the Golden ones being caught; however, there were plenty and plenty of Rainbows landed! As a side note: the organizers started the event by providing kids with a Trout Magnet as bait. Once the fish got too finicky, they changed the artificial bait to kernel corn! Hehe. Smart, eh? 

Here's a view of the Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) tank at the Expo. The tank was there mainly for the fishing seminars; thus, nothing too exciting going on there: just a bunch of Largemouth Bass "standing still" in the water.

Here's one of my favorite stands in the Expo: the exotic jerky stand. Man...they had some delicious and exotic jerky for sale! I tried every single one of them, and my favorites were the Elk and the Venison sticks. Can't beat a good jerky/stick in a Hunting/Fishing expo! 

Here's a nice photo that I took during the fishing seminar on the 28th. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to catch Mike Iaconelli, Brandon Palaniuk, or Dave Mercer's seminars at the Expo! But anyways...the speaker throws different lures into the tank from the top, so the spectators can watch the lure's action from a "sideways" point of view. Pretty neat! Also, they don't really place hooks in the lures, so viewers can see multiple Largemouth Bass strike the same lure.   

Here's the last tank of the Expo (I promise): the Nurse Shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) tank! They offered educational presentations at different times and even put a person inside the tank to swim among the Shark. Cool, isn't it? Definitely a good experience for the kids!  

As a bonus, here is a small Muskellunge (Esox Masquinongy) that I filmed at the Expo. :) Gorgeous, isn't it?

Archery was an interesting sub-section of the hunting portion of the expo. They had activities for kids and also different sales booths for homemade bows and arrows; professional hunting arrows, and bowfishing gear. 

At the end of the expo, I was quite surprised that I didn't take any photos of the "business" booths. On the other hand, I kind of realized that I was so busy talking to everyone there that I didn't really have the time to take photos at all. So, just for your information: the expo had plenty of booths selling fishing gear/tackle; local charter businesses and small guiding businesses; educational booths for fly fishing; etc.

Of course this whole post is just for anglers and the general public to have an idea of what an Outdoor Expo is all about. If you were interested in some of the descriptions, you should definitely pick up your family and friends and attend one! Believe me: people could use more outdoor activities nowadays. :)  

And, as a bonus, here is a photo of my friend Bryan KL on the non-tidal Schuylkill River. Heh. Safe ice in that portion of the River on 02/28:

Here's my friend Bryan meditating amid the non-tidal Schuylkil River, close to the Columbia Bridge.  
Stay tuned for updates! There will be a couple fishing sessions coming soon.

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.