Free Event: 2013 Philly Fun Fishing Fest (September 7th, 2013)

Hello, Readers!
I hope you all had a great Summer! There's about one month until the beginning of Fall -- on September 22nd; in other words, fishing is going to be awesome again! =)

Soon, the Striped Bass are going to be at the Fairmount Dam for their Fall run, not to mention that lots of different Species of fish will be foraging for lots of food for a long and painful winter to come.
But before all of that, I'm bringing you guys today a post on the "2013 Philly Fun Fishing Fest."  
For those who participated in it in the previous years -- yes, it is finally here!!! I've been waiting the whole year for it, seriously. After all, it's such a fun event!
For more details on the 2013 Philly Fun Fishing Fest, you may access the Schuylkill Banks' website. There's also an introductory video here
There are also a couple videos and photos of the previous Fish Fests on the net:
Philly Fun Fishing Fest 2011 (Video -- I was in it with my Mini-pen fishing rods. Heh)
Philly Fun Fishing Fest 2012 (Photos -- I was unable to participate due to the Fish-A-Thon 2012)
Below are two of my personal photos -- one from 2011 and one from 2012:
October 8th, 2011 - I went to my first "Philly Fun Fishing Fest" with my friend Nadir G.. We did not arrive on time; therefore, we didn't really win anything. It was still lots of fun and we caught plenty of fish on that day!

September 8th, 2012 - I was unable to participate in the Philly Fun Fishing Fest 2012 because of the national competition that I was enrolled in -- the Fish-A-Thon 2012. Above is a photo of the Extreme Philly Fishing Team: starting at 12 o'clock -- Jay D., Mike H., Leo S., and Rob Z.. We caught 507 fishes (different Species) on the Banks in a period of 24 hours, finishing in 2nd place on the national level. We were still fishing a lot during the Fishing Fest 2012, and it was a blast to see others catching tons of fish!
Anyways...If you accessed all of the links above, then you know that the Philly Fun Fishing Fest is a FREE competition that is held every Fall on the Schuylkill Banks! There are prizes for different categories (children and adults); NO FISHING LICENSE is required for the time of the competition (in other words, bring your whole family!); and the PA Fish and Boat Commission members will be there to help newcomers and amateurs with casting and other basic fishing skills!

Extra gear will be available on site (you may bring your own gear if you wish), and nightcrawlers will be given for FREE (Oh Yeah!).

The competition starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 11. I advise everyone to be on time; otherwise, lateness will give you a huge disadvantage in certain prize categories (i.e. biggest fish, most amount of fish, Lord knows what...).

In order to participate, all you have to do is to register online on this website. After registering, do not forget to download the "Release Form" here (link below the video), and print it out. You need to bring that piece of paper on the day of the competition in order to participate! 

This will be a very exciting event and I encourage everyone to participate -- children, family members, friends, peers, acquaintances, etc. Basically, everyone that you know! =)

This will also be a GREAT opportunity to socialize with other anglers -- amateurs and experts alike; a good opportunity for a group meeting as well! I've already registered for it, and I'll be on site 30 minutes before the beginning of the event, in case anyone wants to meet there!

Do not forget to share this event with everyone that you love -- the more, the merrier. Come on, guys: a fishing event with free lending gear, bait, and no fishing license required? No one has excuses to not participate or try the sport out, unless time is a problem.

I hope to see everyone on the Banks on September 7th! In case it rains on that date, the "rain date" is on September 21st.
My goal for this competition is to have fun and be true to my heart. In other words, I'll be focusing mainly on Multi-Species Fishing! I want to see how many different Species of fish will I be able to catch and record in 3 hours of competition. Hopefully I'll surprise the PA Fish and Boat Commission's crew when it comes to the variety in the Schuylkill River. =)
Best of luck for all of us,
Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.

P.s. Here is
the link of a post that I wrote on the Philly Fun Fishing Fest 2011 -- I participated with my friend Nadir G.. Good times.