January Fishing Sessions: Wissahickon Creek (01/13)

"Hello, boys and girls of all ages!" (As Uncle Steve would say.)
If you are not familiar with Uncle Steve's greeting, you should youtube it! Hehe.
A couple reminders to start:
- The Catfish Tournament's date is officially decided: March 17th. If you are planning to attend, please shoot me an e-mail with your name! I have a couple contestants already, and I'm more than happy to see that people are willing to participate in it. To read more about this topic, check my previous post. Sooner or later, I'll write a FULL POST on this subject. The plan is to hold monthly Catfish Tourneys on the Banks, during the 3rd Sunday of every month.
- I updated another old post: Ghost Carp at Wissahickon. It's directly related to this post; therefore, I had decided to add some more content to it. I upload 2 additional pictures, and added a little bit more of information on the Ghost Carp.
Inside my mind, there are 7 "Carp Kings" in the Northern portion of the United States of America: The Common Carp, Fully-Scaled Mirror Carp (with 2 of my pictures on the first page. Yay!), Mirror Carp (partial), Linear Carp (1 row of scales), Leather Carp (no scales), Regular Koi, and the Ghost Carp (Human Face on top).
In reality, one can say that the Koi are not really "natural" to the environment, since they were definitely released by owners who no longer wanted them; however, truly speaking, all Species of Carp aren't native to the United States of America. Despite this interesting fact, the 7 Carp Kings are real, and they are currently swimming in our waters! So far, I've added only 4 out of 7 to my collection: The Common, Fully-Scaled, Mirror Carp, and Koi. The last 3 are difficult to catch, and even trickier to find! 
Luckily, I found one of those 3 in Philly a while back. Last year, I posted about this mysterious "fish" in the Wissahickon Creek, which turned out to be a Ghost Carp. Many times, I tried to catch it. However, every fishing session ended up in frustration! The Common Carps would often eat the chum around the hook while the Ghost Carp ate the outskirt pieces of kernel corn. This often resulted in a Common Carp on the hook, meaning that all the other fish (including the Ghost Carp) would get scared and scatter away from the chum. Certainly not an easy task, huh?
So...one of my goals for 2013 is to catch that Ghost Carp (if it's still there). I went with my friend Erik K. to the Wissahickon Creek on January 13th, wishing I could spot such rarity again. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see a single fish swimming around... Even though Erik saw a couple Carps swimming there a couple days ago, we were still unable to hook, yet see a single Carp on that specific day.
The first session of the year at the Wissahickon ended up with zero fish! However, this is certainly just the beginning of a long journey after the Ghost Carp: the "Monster" of the Wissahickon Creek!
3 rods ready for some Carp action! Unfortunately, we weren't able to land or even spot a single fish... =(
Keep tuned for more updates! I'm trying my best to dedicate some more time to the Blog. Hehe. Soon, I'll finish posting all my January fishing sessions, and start the February ones!
Best of luck for all of us,
Long Days and Pleasant Nights,
Leo S.