Happy 2013 in Advance, Everyone!

Hello, Dear Readers!
Hope you all have enjoyed your Christmas! Now, new year is almost here...
I hope all of us can have a wonderful time outside, in 2013 (fishing, heh), despite location, season of the year, and problems and progresses in each one's life. Catching is a fundamental factor of fishing, but it's not the essence of the soul of the sport. It's definitely good to be one with the nature from time to time, and enjoy the little wonders that life can give us, even if only for a day - catching or not.

Coming from another country, I've been fishing the Philadelphia/West Jersey area for 2 years now, and I'm very grateful for all the experience and knowledge that I've gained towards fishing. I've improved. More than that, I've met many different types of anglers, and every single one of them was unique on their ways and ideals.

Cheers to all those who worship and respect the bodies of water that we have available to us (some people around the World wouldn't be able to fish even if they wanted to - they lack a healthy body of water); all the different Species of fish (living animals) that we have at our disposition, and so on.

Cheers to all those who are willing to share and to teach, inviting the new and the curious to participate in this wonderful sport that we call fishing, and influencing oneself and others with new knowledge day-by-day.

Cheers to all those who practice CPR (Catch-Photo-Release) and selective harvest to ensure that future generations and others among us will have a chance to feel a similar way to how we feel about catching fish, and go under similar experiences and life lessons that can be used to improve oneself.

Cheers to those that realize that fishing is deteriorating because of many different factors (i.e. pollution, over harvest), but still believe that the conditions of our waters can be improved with the right actions in a certain amount of time.

Cheers to all of us - unique, each one of us, in terms of attitudes and behaviors, but with one trait in common: our love for fishing.

Happy 2013 for everyone here!
Long Days and Pleasant Nights,
Leo S.