FishAThon Final News (important for donators), PA Boat and Commission Sweepstakes

Heya, Dear Readers!
I'm bringing you a short post today. First, I'll talk a little bit about the final results and progresses of the FishAThon, including some IMPORTANT information for people that donated more than $50.
After, I'll talk a little bit about the new PA Boat and Commission Sweepstakes! It's free, open to the public, and NO PURCHASE required. Although, if you are fishing after you win the prize (i.e. trip), you will HAVE TO purchase a fishing license. Anyways...anyone can register for it, and the prizes include fishing trips for 2, fishing trips with a Professional Angler, $500 dollars Cabela's gift cards, and so on.
--- Final News on the FishAThon 2012 ---
Below is a picture of the Prizes that Team Extreme Philly fishing received from Recycled Fish after the competition. We won the "runner-up fundraising team," "and the runner-up fishing team" category. The prizes were: $100 DICK’S Sporting Goods Gift Card,  Abu Garcia Black Max Reel, Berkley Tackle Bag, Castalia FlipNet; $50 DICK’S Sporting Goods Gift Card, Berkley Tackle Bag, Castalia FlipNet, AquaDesign Neck Tube.
Thank you very much for all the prizes, Recycled Fish!

Also, the recycled fish website announced a little bit over a week ago that they mailed all funds for the non-profits. The SRDC (Schuylkill River Development Corporation) already contacted me saying that they received the check. You can see how much each Team raised here., this is the important section for those who donated more than $50 dollars during the FishAThon! If you did, send an e-mail to stating your name, and your PRIZE (the trip, and the fishing license), and WHEN/WHERE would you like it to happen. Notice that ONLY THOSE WHO SEND THE E-MAIL UNTIL DECEMBER 24th WILL RECEIVE THE FISHING LICENSE VOUCHER. The reason is simple: I have to plan in advance how many Fishing Vouchers to buy, and when the trips will happen. They are available at the PA Boat and Commission's website, and I'm already making plans to how many I'll buy. Therefore, I'm giving people a period of 20 days to reply. As for the trip, Jay and I are fine with whatever date is scheduled.
--- New PA Boat and Commission Sweepstakes ---
Yahoo! Yippee! Whatever you want to say! The PA Boat and Commission finally took a heart for the fishing business, and started a Sweepstakes program to attract more people to this sport! They are giving prizes twice or three times a month, and all you have to do is REGISTER on their website by clicking here.
No purchase is necessary. Purely relies on luck. Awesome, huh? The first prize will be given on December 16th - a Steelhead Trip for 2 on Lake Erie, guided by "Lake Erie Ultimate Angler." Accomodations and dinner is also provided. Awesome, huh? Also, there are Cabela's $500 dollars gift cards being given out until April of next year!
So, register, and stay tuned on their website to see if you are a winner or not. You can actually access the "Winner's Page" to see who won what prizes. 
Best luck for all of us,
Long Days and Pleasant Nights,
Leo S.