More Recent Catches! =)

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--> Added Data from Schuylkill River (04/24/12), and Tacony Creek (04/21/12)


Heya, People! Just bringing a couple pictures of recent catches - a selection of different Species. Isn't it nice to see that they are all here in Philadelphia? =)


A cute Rock Bass fished at the PennyPack Park, at Bustleton Ave.

I got this Rainbow Trout last Sunday - when it was pouring out there! My limit was 1:30 hour fishing outside. I came back soaked, but it was worthy it! Rainbow Trout caught at Wissahickon Creek (Forbidden Drive) on a Spinner.

Well...I got bait for the whole year! What else can I say? It's nice that the Boat and Commission allows 50 of these per day - per person. I caught this bunch of Mummichogs at the Tacony Creek with my friend Nadir, when I was field researching for my future post (there are some Creek Chub inside too). Every single one was caught on Nightcrawlers! The post is coming soon, by the way! =)

I rarely find Creek Chubs here in Philadelphia. Occasionally, there's one or two landed by accident at small Creeks. I was quite surprised to find out that the Tacony has a nice population of Chubs; quite interesting.

A picture of a Mummichog at Tacony Creek (at Rising Sun ave). Beautiful, isn't it?

Spotfin Shiner at Tacony.

The Tacony Creek holds Sunnies as well, of course. Red-breasted Sunfish are so beautiful, isn't it?!

Another one, caught at the same location.

Here's Mike with a Flathead Catfish at the Fairmount Dam.

Snagging Master accidentally snagged a Gizzard Shad. Note that Gizzard Shad feed mainly on Zooplankton; therefore, they won't really bite on any regular baits. If you ever hear someone say that they hooked a Gizzard Shad in the mouth, please, let me know! =)

Snagging Master is back: a little Shad accidentally caught at FDR Park.

Mike with a Common Carp at FDR.

I'm not certain, but I believe this was a 7lb Flathead Catfish caught at the Fairmount Dam as well. 

A Smallmouth Bass caught at the PennyPack Park by Peter S. Yes, they are there, indeed!

2 more weeks, and my college is done. After that, it will be 6 days of fishing a week! Can't wait!

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.