More recent catches - Trout, Snakehead, LMB, Shad...

--------------------------------------------Heya again, people! So, today turned out to be a beautiful day for fishing! With a weather up to 80+ degrees, and a really nice water temperature, fish seemed to bite quite a lot!


 Rob's Brown Trout at the Wissahickon. He caught it yesterday on a Trout Magnet.

 Mike's "messed up" photo of his 2.5lbs Striped Bass. According to him, the sun was too bright. Man...hahaha. It's okay, time catch a bigger one, and take a pic, okay?

 Someone caught a Shad today at the Fairmount Dam! As I have mentioned before, the Shad is on the run!
When I find this individual's name, I'll post it here.

Mike with a SMB near the fisherman statue. It was caught today on a crankbait by the rocks.

A nice 2.5lbs LMB from the Schuylkill River, also next to the fisherman statue.

Now you know his secrets! Here you go: Mike sharing one of his spots. Be aware, though: I'm not responsible if you lose your rig!

So, Mike decided to hit the FDR in the afternoon to slay the beasts there! A couple shots of his Snakeheads - small, but still a bunch of beauties.

A second one, also caught today.

I can't wait till my college Spring Semester is over! I look at these pictures, and my heart just tells me to go fish! It's the passion and the will, seriously...

Anyways...Best of luck for all of us!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.
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