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Hello, Blog Readers! 

Today I'm here to talk about something extremely important. The truth is that the Extreme Philly Fishing Blog has finally hit rock bottom! As you guys are aware of, the Blog has been pretty much 4 months behind its regular schedule for the past year or so. This is truly a blow to my heart, since I have all the necessary contents and photos to do Blog posts; however, I lack the time to do so. 

My marriage back in June didn't help with the time either. With a married life and more responsibilities and goals, my time with fishing became even more limited. However, I am as stubborn as ever! Therefore, I am not giving up on all the fishing yet. 

Extreme situations lead to extreme measures. I monetized my YouTube Channel a couple months ago, which brought me a limited amount of income. Definitely not enough to throw my job away and have more time to focus on the sport. Thus, I have finally decided to create a Patreon Page. I am hoping that those who value my work will be there to support it.

The fact is that it takes a humongous amount of time to do what I do! It takes time to research (i.e. search for places, Species, etc). It takes time to get footage (i.e. field trips -- fishing). It takes time to edit, write, compile, and post all that information (i.e. Blog, FB Page, YouTube). And let's not forget that I am doing all of that single-handed, all while being a full time private instructor and having a wife. Definitely not an easy feat. Definitely very time consuming. 

Thus, I can't say much about the future of this fishing Blog. As mentioned previously, I have the contents and determination to work on it; however, I lack the time due to financial constraints. Of course the blog will be open for all the information that is here; however, future posts and fishing reports will definitely depend on how my YouTube Channel and Patreon Page fare.

The cool thing about the Patreon Page is that by contributing to my work, you will be receiving some rewards as well! Here is a list of rewards that I have compiled for the Patreon Page:

-- a cumulative of $5.00 for a YouTube shout-out, including a photo of your selected catch in one of my upcoming videos.
-- a cumulative of $50.00 for a two hours fishing lecture + Q&A session, either face-to-face or via webcam (i.e. Skype). 
-- a cumulative of $80.00 for an exclusive Under Armour T-Shirt with the Extreme Philly Fishing logo on it. These T-shirts are limited and are not for sale! 
-- a cumulative of $200.00 for a 8 hour guided trip in Philadelphia.

Please notice that these rewards are all bypass products of the Patreon Page. In other words, I am not "selling" those. The rewards above is my way of thanking my donors with my personal knowledge and experience. 

The page also has a "goals" section. My goals for now are the following:

-- a cumulative donation ratio of $420 for a new GoPro: the GoPro Hero 4. With this, the quality in my videos will drastically increase.
-- a cumulative donation ratio of $1000 for this Blog to be super active again. 
-- a cumulative donation ratio of $2000 for a Multi-Species fishing trip to Brazil. With this, you folks will be able to see some awesome multi-species fishing down in Brazil. help out with regular costs and create more time for me to work on my fishing contents, the Patreon Page is up.  

And sincerely, folks...I really don't know when the next post on this Blog will be coming up! Hopefully soon.

Best of luck to all of us!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.



November 27, 2015 at 2:44 PM
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I am a vegetatian, but I really enjoyed your explanation of hibernation vs dormancy. My husband and I live on a small lake and we were both wondering what the fish do when the lake freezes over. I searched on Google and found your blog where you gave a wonderful explanation with all the details I was looking for. I simply wanted to say "thank you" for the great explanation. Now I can sound like an expert the next time a friend is visiting me and asks me the very same question.

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