Meeting Professional Bass Anglers at the Chesapeake Bay Elite Series (Cecil County, MD)

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Today I'm bringing you guys my report for August 16th:

--- August 16th, 2015 ---

Location: Cecil County, MD
Time: 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Professional Bass Anglers caught:

-- Takahiro Omori
-- Dean Rojas
-- Chad Pipkens
-- Russ Lane
-- Bill Lowen
-- Aaron Martens
-- Carl Jocumsen
-- Dave Mercer (MC)


Below are the highlights of the last weight-in day of the 2015 Bassmaster Elite Series at the Chesapeake Bay:

Note that there is no fishing in this video! Unless you count stalking Pro-Anglers "Fishing." Hah. Don't forget to watch it in HD (1080p50)! If you enjoy watching my videos, please support my YouTube Channel by liking and subscribing. More likes and more subscribes = more videos in the future. :)

I decided to go down to the weight-in of the 2015 Bassmaster Elite Series at the Chesapeake Bay with my friend Mike H. from the 1Rod1ReelFishing YouTube Channel. The main goal was for us to watch the weight in and stalk a couple Professional Bass Anglers around. Hah.

Although I am a Multi-Species angler at heart, I am also a big fan of the Bass competitions in the USA (Micropterus salmoides, dolomieu, & punctulatus are part of Multi-Species, though)! I follow most of the Pro-anglers closely and I have my favorites among all of them. I subscribe to the Bassmaster magazine, as well as other fishing magazines (i.e. Bassin, In-line Fisherman, Field & Stream, etc). Anyways...I highly encourage everyone to watch the Elite Series and the Classic, and to give support to those Pro-anglers! It's not an easy "job," and the same requires lots of sweat and sacrifices...! If you are willing to follow up on the Bassmaster events, make sure to check out their website. It's a lot of fun, fellas.

Unfortunately, Mike and I went to the event on the last day of the weight in (top 12). Thus, most of the Pros were already gone. Thankfully, we were still able to meet some of them! Photos are below.


A nice shot with Takahiro Omori. For those who are not familiar with him, he made a legendary comeback on the 2004 Bassmaster Classic! You can watch that video here. Watch him catch a "five pownda!"

My friend Mike with Takahiro Omori.

A shot with Dean "The Machine" Rojas! There is just something about this guy that makes me like him a lot. He is actually one of my favorites in the pro league. His frog is the deal, folks! As Mike H. also points out -- his frog is one of the best ones in the market to walk the dog.

My friend Mike with Dean Rojas.

Justin Lucas (2nd place in AOY points for 2015, as for 08/29/15) talks to Dave Mercer about his plan on defeating Aaron Martens (1st place in AOY points) when it comes to the "Angler of the Year" points. The AOY guarantees anglers a spot at the AOY tourney, as well as a possibility of going to the Bassmaster Classic event. Notice that Dean Rojas was 3rd on the AOY standings last time I checked! Heh. Justin Lucas is also one of my favorites in the league due to his very social personality -- even with all the busy life, he replies to his fans with lots of charisma.

Aaron Martens with his two biggest Largemouth Bass.

As you guys may or may not be aware of, Aaron Martens was the winner of the 2015 Bassmaster Elite Series at the Chesapeake Bay. The results' table is here.

A nice group shot with Carl Jocumsen -- the only Australian Pro Angler in the league. Many props to this dude for coming here all the way from Australia to compete with the best in world in foreign lands. Also, he has a wild accent, man! Hah.

My friend Mike H. with Pro angler Chad Pipkens.

Chad Pipkens is actually one of the only anglers in the league with a hair company sponsorship! I knew very little about Chad before I met him at this Elite Series, and I am very glad to have done so. Super nice fella with a golden personality. 

My friend Mike H. with Pro-angler Bill Lowen.

Bill Lowen got 2nd place in the competition. He got super sentimental on the stage, which made me get sentimental! Just imagine, folks -- years and years waiting for that win; hard work and lots of sweat poured in; only to be crushed by another angler! Bill Lowen really deserved it! But then, who am I to say that Aaron Martens didn't deserve it also, right? After all, he lost the 2004 Classic to Takahiro Omori and a couple other events to KVD -- all finishing in second place. Dreadful feeling... 

Mike H. with the MC Dave Mercer.

Dave Mercer is a Canadian Pro angler and also the MC of the Elite and Classic event. Dude does a great job in narrating and pumping the crowd up! Many props to that. Also, his YouTube Channel Facts of Fishing is amazing. I highly recommend it!  

Mike H. with Pro Angler Russ Lane

To tell all of you the truth, I know very little about Russ Lane. But the fact that he won an Elite Series in 2010 and participated in the Classic 5 times is no joke! I'm keeping an eye on him. Hah

Mike H. with the winner of the event -- Aaron Martens. This dude is a beast! That's all I gotta say. If you guys don't believe me, check out his record.

Overall, it was an amazing event! Too bad that I wasn't able to meet more Pros down there. I really wanted to meet Rick Clunn to talk to him about his knot mistake back in the days, or Zell Rowland to ask him why his nickname is "Mr. Disaster" (although, I already know why. Heh), or Mike Iaconelli -- our local idol. Thus, you folks can expect me to go down to future events to meet more of them. :)

Best of luck to all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.


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