September Multi-Species Quiz -- Prize: Trout Magnet Combo

Quiz Time!

So, from now onwards, the Extreme Philly Fishing website will promote monthly quizzes/challenges with prizes. Here's the quiz/challenge for the month of September:

I went Multi-Species fishing today in Haddonfield, New Jersey! I explored the Wallworth Lake, Upper Cooper River, Driscoll Pond, Evans Lake, and Hopkins Pond. I ended the day with 12 different Species of fish (includes 2 different types of Hybrids) -- a total of 127 fishes. A collection of all 12 Species of fish is below:

Note: High Definition photo of each fish is at the end of this post. 

So...How good are you in identifying fish? The first one to correctly identify the 12 different Species of fish on the picture above will win a pack of 50 1/64oz Trout Magnet Jigheads + a pack of 50 Golden Trout Magnets. Both products will be shipped directly to the winner's house.

 If you are willing to participate, please read the rules below:

-- In order to receive the prizes, the winner has to be a follower of the EPF Facebook Page. In other words, "like" the Facebook Page before sending your answers in! That's a smart move.

-- Your answer format should be:
1. "Name of the Fish" ("Species"),
2. "Name of the Fish" ("Species"), etc

For example...If my guess for slot 1 was Rock Bass, then my answer would be:
1. Rock Bass (Ambloplites rupestris), and so on.

-- Number 6 and 12 are Hybrid Sunfish. For those two slots, your answer format should be, for example:

 6. "Name of the fish X Name of the fish" (Species X Species).
In other words, you should be able to identify both parent Species for both Hybrids. In order for answers to be correct, BOTH parent Species must be right.

-- Number 5 is a tough one. Therefore, its general name and Species will be enough.

-- Write your 12 guesses in a list format, and send them to "" On the subject line, type "QUIZ 1." The first person to guess all of them correctly will receive the prizes listed above.

-- Every participant will have 2 chances for this competition. So, in case you fail to fully identify all of them on your first attempt, you will still have a second chance. Once I reply to the e-mail of your first attempt, then you are good to go for your second one.

-- Once someone wins, I'll post the name of the winner on the Facebook Page and the Quiz for the month of September will be over. Therefore, I'll also post the answers here.
High Definition pictures of each fish are below:

Fish 1
Fish 2
Fish 3
Fish 4
Fish 5
Fish 6
Fish 7
Fish 8
Fish 9
Fish 10
Fish 11
Fish 12

Good luck, and Happy "Quizzing!"
Best of Luck for all of us,
Long Days and Pleasant Nights,
Leo S.