Get Hooked on Fishing! A "4-Week Free Fishing Lessons" Program for the Youth in Philadelphia.

Hello, Readers!

Quick post today...
Tomorrow is my last final exam, meaning that my vacation is finally here! Therefore, I've posted on Craigslist about my 4-weeks FREE fishing program for the Youth in Philadelphia (15 and under only).

Readers: if you know any kids that want to learn the arts of fishing, send and e-mail to to receive an application form for the program.

- As described in this Craigslist page, gear will be provided (optional).

- A fishing license for a person age of 15 or under is not necessary.
- The fishing lessons are 2 hours per week: 1 of lecture (theoretical portion) and 1 of fishing - field experience (experimental portion).
- Kids will go home with one or two questions to think about as homework - nothing too serious.

Topics will NOT be bounded by fishing alone. I am definitely not teaching your child ONLY how to fish! The lessons will include other aspects that influence fishing: history of fishing, environmental conservation, the physics of fishing, fish anatomy and physiology, fishing as a way of life (philosophy), etc. More information will be on the application form, after you e-mail me.
I usually let the parents choose the "area" that they want me to focus with their kids. For example: last year I worked with a kid whose parents wanted me to focus in English and literature. Therefore, we read little portions of "The Compleat Angler" (a fishing classic that dates back to the 1600's), we studied fishing quotes from past famous anglers, etc.

It's a fun program that I've been doing with kids from all around Philadelphia (including poor neighborhoods), and adults (for a charge), and it's been proven to be successful.

Therefore, I wouldn't miss this chance if I were you! If you have a kid with free time during Summer, I would recommend you to enlist him. The slots are very limited, so that you guys know.
Best of luck for all of us,
Long Days and Pleasant Nights,
Leo S.