February Fishing Sessions: Audubon/Upper Cooper River (02/02)

Happy Sunday, Readers!

The weather shifted, and it's cold once again! These last couple days have been brutal: windy and cold. Water temperatures dropped as well, staying a little bit slightly below 50 degrees F (the magic number, seriously!). Crazy weather, huh?

Well...I am finally being able to start the February Fishing Sessions' posts (6 in total)! Before I start it, though, just a reminder of the Catfish Tourney on the Banks:

- If you want to register for the 1st Catfish Tourney on the Banks (click on the link for more details), send an e-mail to sheng12182527@gmail.com to receive the registration form. The scheduled date is April 14th (Rain date: April 21st).

Please notice that you must fill in the registration form in order to be registered for the competition! To get it, send me an e-mail. I bet it's going to be a lot of fun! Therefore, join if possible.
Some have being asking me if I have a permit for the competition: not yet; however, I've sent the form to the PA Boat and Commission. Therefore, everything should be fine. I'll keep everyone updated on that as well!
I hit Audubon Lake with my friend Erik K. on February 2nd (Saturday). The plan was to Carp for the day, since Audubon is a great place for it! We were praying for the Lake to not be frozen, especially because temperatures were below 32F. When we arrived, we saw that Haddon was great - some people were even Trouting there. No ice at all! When we walked to the other lake, however, our hopes were crushed. Audubon was halfway frozen... =(
Therefore, we changed our plans. We decided to fish the Spillway for a little bit, and then hit the Upper Cooper River. Below, there's actually a beautiful picture of the spillway that "connects" Haddon to Audubon. The ice patterns were so cool that I had to take a picture of it. Hehe. Nature is certainly beautiful...Erik fished a little bit on the Spillway with a Crappie rig, finishing without major results. I tried for a little bit as well - no bites!
We headed to the Upper Cooper River, just below Driscoll Pond. Erik set his rods for Carp, as always (chum and wait). I decided to adventure a little bit more (as always!), setting my rods on "Gulp! Minnows" and nightcrawlers.
Nothing too exciting, seriously. Erik finished the day with his usual Carps (2 in total - I don't remember the sizes, but they were pretty decent for that portion of the Stream). I carped for a little bit, landing a little guy on corn. Other than that, just the regular: 2 Bluegills, 3 Black Crappies, 3 Golden Shiners. We didn't fish for a long time, since the weather was EXTREMELY brutal. We were literally freezing due to the wind!  
Pictures are below. Enjoy:

A little Bluegill on the "Gulp! Minnow." I love their purplish colors during Winter time. It makes them extra attractive, in my opinion.

A little "Papermouth" (another nickname of the Black Crappie, Calico Bass, whatever you want to call it). Papermouths will never cease to amaze me - their color patterns are quite unique. I currently have two of them in my aquarium, and I never get tired of observing them. Beautiful. 

For my surprise, this is the first year that I've caught Golden Shiners at the Upper Cooper River! Also, they were very good in sizes. I saved some of them as bait, and I'm expecting to get some monsters in the near future!

A tiny Common Carp caught on a piece of corn. During Summer time, even the smallest ones can give you an awesome fight! During Winter, however, when their metabolisms are slowed down due to the low water temperatures, they can behave like a rock! That's why I always let my drag loose, so I can properly fight the fish and enjoy the fight to the fullest...

Erik K. with his first Carp of the day. Somehow, this guy always ends up catching the big ones when we go out to fish! Talk about luck, perhaps?

Erik holding his second, and last Carp of the day.

Half-frozen Audubon Lake. Unfortunately, we weren't able to Carp there. But we did manage to get some Carps at Upper Cooper River; therefore, it was a productive day!

"Things that you don't see when you stay at home:" The spillway that "connects" Haddon to Audubon - in quotes because water is discharged from Haddon to Audubon (no interchange). I thought the ice patterns were very neat!

A little scenery of the Upper Cooper River during Winter time. That place is very very different during Summer (big Channels lurk around there)!

"Things that you don't see when you stay at home:" a photo of ice through polarized glasses. The different shades after a "polarized-screening" are very interesting, huh?

The weather is getting better soon! Also, the Shad and the Stripers are coming! The Largemouth are also waking up! I can't wait, seriously!

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.