January Fishing Sessions: Lake Luxembourg (01/01)

Heya, Readers!

Note that from now on, all my fishing reports will be posted separately instead of a big monthly post. This will make the "search" button above more useful. After all, it is a pain to type in a specific word, and have a gigantic post show up. I recommend using "Ctrl+F" (search function) in that kind of situation.

Also, I've started the Statistical Fishing Chart for 2013. It's pretty empty now, but I'll be filling it as a fish along the year! 

Since I spent my new year at my sister's place in Trevose, the Lake Luxembourg was my first fishing session of the year. My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew joined me for a quick fishing session at the spillway below the big Lake. Since they are not very fond of the cold (temperatures at 30-37F), I knew the session would be pretty quick, and my chances of getting skunked were pretty high. Not surprisingly, there was no one fishing at the big Lake. There were people jogging, walking their dogs (as usual), but nobody fishing the wooden docks and no boats near the water output.

Haha. That's exactly what happened, as a matter of fact. No fish for the day. I got a total of 3 bites on the nightcrawler, but failed to pull any fish out of there. I got to see a Rainbow Trout coming up at a certain point, but I lost it because of a poor hookset. 

Despite the skunk, it was fun to be outside with my family on the first day of the year. My 5 years old nephew had a fun time playing with one of my fishing rods too.

I took some pictures of the local scenery. Enjoy!

Just a little bit of the Seagull population at Core Creek Park. Is it just me, or have the numbers increased during the past couple years at different locations? 

For those who couldn't identify the bird in the previous post (under December 24th), here's a clear picture of it! I saw it catch a Crappie there that day. It was pretty neat.

As mentioned before, this is one of the main challenges of this particular little spot: fishing between bars. That "anomaly" sign is still disturbing me as well. Heh.

Skunked for the first day of year, but it was still fun to be outside!

Best of luck for all of us,

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,


Leo S.